Samsung NU7475, image quality and design with an adjusted price

Samsung NU7475, image quality and design with an adjusted price

Samsung's range of 4K UHD LED TVs is very wide. It is clear that we all would like to be able to buy a QLED model, but it is not always possible. That is why the Korean manufacturer offers some models with good features and a more content price. This is the case of the Samsung NU7475, a TV with a 4K UHD panel and Dynamic Crystal Color technology .

If a couple of days ago we were talking about the Samsung NU8005, today we want to show you a model that is located just below this. The Samsung NU7475 sports a beautifully designed frameless model and includes SmartThings technology . It also has a One Remote control and a more classic design base that hides the cables. Good characteristics for a television that we can find in 43, 50, 55 and 65 inches, with a price that starts at 800 euros.


Diagonal43, 50, 55 and 65 inches
Resolution and technology4K, HDR +, Supreme UHD Dimming, Dynamic Crystal Color, HDR 10+
Panel typeLED
ProcessorUHD Engine
Dimensions (with base)40 inches: 97 x 64.8 x 33.1 cm

50 inches: 112.4 x 73.5 x 33.6 cm

55 inches: 123.8 x 80 x 35 cm

65 inches: 145.7 x 92.2 x 37.8 cm

Weight (with stand)40 inch: 12.1 kg

50 inch: 16.5 kg

55 inch: 19.7 kg

65 inch: 28 kg

SupportV-Type Center Low
Operating systemTizen OS
AppsNetflix, Amazon, TV Plus, SmartThings, Universal Guide, Steamlink, etc.
ControlOne Remote
SoundDolby Digital Plus, 20W, Multiroom Link, Bluetooth Audio
Connections3 HDMI, 2 USB, Ethernet, Optical Digital Audio Out, RF In, CI Slot
Wireless connectivityWiFi and Bluetooth
Release dateAvailable
Price40 inches: 800 euros

50 inches: 980 euros

55 inches: 1,150 euros

65 inches: 1,600 euros

More classic design but just as effective

thoroughly Samsung NU7475 rear

The Samsung NU7475 offers a more classic design, more similar to that seen in other years. Which is not to say that it is an outdated design.

The rear is finished in a nice black striped finish . The TV is quite slim and has a V-shaped base.

Samsung has designed a cable management system that, although it does not hide them, does allow us to have them much more organized. Through some guides located in the connection area we can take the cables to the base, where we can hide them to the bottom of it.

At the front, the main protagonist is the panel. The Samsung NU7475 offers a nearly frameless design on three sides , with the bottom being the only one that is slightly wider.

More vivid colors with Dynamic Crystal Color

Samsung NU7475 color background

In terms of image quality, this model loses some features compared to the 8 series, but maintains a good level.

The main thing is that it has the Dynamic Crystal Color system . This offers greater color coverage thanks to the use of a blue LED coated with red and green phosphor to make the primary colors more pure.

On the other hand, it includes Supreme UHD Dimming . This improved software analyzes the screen in sections and regulates the brightness, color and contrast to achieve the best result.

Samsung NU7475 HDR background

The Samsung NU7475 supports HDR 10+ technology . Also with HLG , the format that will allow future broadcasts through the antenna of HDR images. So we are looking at a television prepared for the future.

One Remote control and SmartThings system

If we put design and image quality aside, the Samsung NU7475 still has a lot to offer. It has the 2018 Samsung Smart TV platform . This year's version continues to incorporate more and better content.

The great agreements that Samsung has reached over the years have allowed its Smart TV platform to have some exclusive applications . For example, it is the only television operating system that has the HBO application. They also exclusively have beIN Connect in 4K, the Disney application and a multitude of 4K HDR content with TV Plus. And we do not forget the Steam platform, perfect for playing on the big screen without connecting anything to the television.

thoroughly Samsung NU7475 Smart

New for this year's models we have the SmartThings system . This will allow us to transform our television into the control center of the connected home. With this application we can control all devices and appliances with this system.

In addition, it will also allow us to use the universal program guide and configure the TV from the mobile quickly.

All this controlled with the One Remote control . A single remote control that has Auto Detection. This makes the remote automatically recognize all connected devices, allowing you to control them instantly.

Price and availability

thoroughly Samsung NU7475 final

As we advanced before, the Samsung NU7475 TV offers some features that we see in the high range with a much more content price . In addition, it is equipped with 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, Ethernet input, and WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. That is, we can connect any device.

This is the price of the Samsung NU7475 in the different sizes in which it is available:

  • 40 inches with a price of 800 euros
  • 50 inches with a price of 980 euros
  • 55 inches with a price of 1,150 euros
  • 65 inches with a price of 1,600 euros

So now you know, if you are looking for a television that offers good image quality, a great Smart TV system and a beautiful design, you can take a look at the Samsung NU7475.