You can now download the official Windows 10 wallpapers

Windows 10 wallpapers

On July 29, Microsoft will officially launch Windows 10 , its new operating system, in 190 countries . It will be free for the first year for those Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users who have original licenses. Those who make use of a "pirated" copy will also be able to update for free, although their version will not have official support and they will be notified at all times that it is not a registered version.

While we wait for that day to arrive, it is now possible to download the official Windows 10 wallpapers. It consists of 12 images at a resolution of 1,980 x 1,200. One of them, the one that occupies the cover of the article (the blue logo of the company) would have a higher resolution (4K). If you have the Technical Preview version, you can access them via the path “ C: \ Windows \ Web “. You can still download them from OneDrive , both the official Windows 10 , and the Technical Preview.If you look there are images of all kinds, all very similar to those that have appeared in other versions of the system. Again, nature, water and blue and beige tones are very present.

Windows 10 wallpapers

Microsoft has worked hard so that the platform can make us forget Windows 8 . You know, this system had many criticisms at the time and forced Redmond to have to launch a new version: Windows 8.1. If there is something to thank Microsoft on this occasion, it is that it has built a multi- device system, that is, we can use it on the tablet, mobile phone and computer regardless of where we are. In addition, Windows 10 has introduced a number of improvements, such as the introduction of Cortana . The company's voice assistant comes to the platform to make our work easier.

Meanwhile, we also have to talk about Spartan , the new browser from Windows 10 , which comes to replace the legendary Internet Explorer. The browser has changed for the better and we will find a new engine, a renewed (more modern) design, as well as new features that will allow us to navigate much faster. As if this were not enough, the new system has also improved the integration between the mouse and the touch interface. On the other hand, it opens virtual desktops and you can have complete control of the apps. Otherwise, Windows 10 has redesigned Windows Explorer . In this way, now you can find what you are looking for in a faster way.

Do not forget to mention Office 2016 either , which will integrate OneNote and Outlook for free . The Microsoft office suite will have a new function: Continuum , thanks to which we can connect a mobile device with Windows 10 to a monitor, keyboard and mouse. The goal is to turn the phone into a computer. As we say, there are just a few days until Windows 10 begins to be installed on our computers officially. Those who have reserved the update will begin to have it from next July 29.