The Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime is updated to Android 5.0 Lollipop

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Attention. We have fresh news about an official update for a device that needs it. We are talking about the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime , a firm best-seller that has everything we would ask for from a smartphone today, but that is presented at a fairly affordable cost: less than 200 euros in the free market. But what kind of update can users of this computer expect? Well, taking into account that the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime still works through Android 4.4.4 KitKat , the next step will be to scale a new version to position itself on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop . SamsungHe hadn't confirmed or denied it, so we weren't expecting anything specific. Now the update has been launched in a first market, which means that it could soon reach the rest internationally.


The update process that users of the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime will soon face follows traditional patterns. In fact, the update to Android 5.0.2 Lollipop with build number G530HXCU1BOH3 has just started in Russia , where Samsung usually starts its trial periods for these types of updates. In this way, they want to make sure that any bugs or errors are tightly bound and not distributed globally across all countries and teams. Once the update is tested and works correctly, distribution will begin in the rest of the territories , including Spain. and its European neighbors.

But is this update important? What improvements does it bring? Well, what users should expect is one of the most important renovations that Google's operating system has experienced in recent times. It includes, to begin with, an important renovation of the user interface , with new colors, distributions and functionalities that will make the experience on board much more comfortable. But this is not all. New notifications have been added and battery performance has been increased, so if all goes well, you should be able to enjoy your mobile phone longer . Finally, some residual bugs, present in all updates, have also been reviewed and corrected.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime , it would be interesting if you start preparing the update. You should know that this will be launched shortly, so the first thing you can do is:

1) Make a backup of all your most important content and settings. It is basic, bearing in mind that any update involves its risks.

2) Next, make sure you have enough space on your computer . You can delete those files or applications that you do not use and incorporate a microSD card that can provide you with extra storage options.

When the update is ready to be installed:

1) You will most likely receive a notification, but if not, you can also check its availability through the Settings> About device> Software update> Update (Check for updates) section .

2) Before updating your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime to Android 5.0.2 Lollipop it is important that you have the battery fully charged or, failing that, at 50% of its capacity.

3) The last thing we recommend: connecting to a WiFi network that can provide you with a stable download of such a large amount of data. With all this, you just have to start enjoying the benefits of Lollipop . You can tell us how your experience was in the comments section!