10 educational YouTube channels to learn mathematics

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Now that classes have been suspended in almost all the Autonomous Communities of Spain, the use of educational applications and websites has exploded to levels never seen before. The problem with these types of tools is that they usually use predefined exercises . To solve a specific question or problem we have to resort to YouTube channels of Mathematics. The good news is that the Hispanic community has a fairly large number of educational channels and this time we have compiled several of the best known.

index of contents

  • Julio Profe
  • Unicoos
  • Drifting
  • Math Teacher 10
  • Salvador FI
  • Tasksplus
  • We can pass math
  • Vitual
  • math2me
  • Physics and Math

Julio Profe

It is the mathematical dissemination channel in Spanish with the highest number of YouTube subscribers. Almost 4 million users endorse its content, mainly focused on solving problems and explaining the different branches of Mathematics .

The syllabus taught by Julio Profe covers practically all educational levels , from simple operations with equations to solving matrices and physics problems. As if this were not enough, the author has a section dedicated exclusively to the explanation of the scientific calculator as a tool to solve complex operations.


Probably the best known Mathematics channel on the Internet, at least within Spain. David Calle is its author and was one of the Nobel Prize candidates for his outreach work through Unicoos .

It currently has almost 1.4 million subscribers, making it the Mathematics channel with the highest number of subscribers in Spain. Unlike other channels, David solves through video lessons some of the common problems of Primary, ESO and Baccalaureate .

Radicals, integrals, prime numbers, progressions ... Its syllabus also includes content from higher levels of education, such as careers and masters. Likewise, it has a web platform and a mobile application that responds to the same problems that it presents in its videos.


With almost a million subscribers, Eduardo Sáenz, head of the channel and a regular contributor to the Órbita Laika program, demonstrates the explanation of various physical and mathematical problems in a rather entertaining way.

"What are pancake numbers", "Anti-scabbing numbers" or "The problem of the three cubes" are some of his most popular videos. Sáenz also provides tools and methods to speed up the calculation of multiplications and somewhat more complex operations such as derivatives and integrals.

Math Teacher 10

Sergio Castro is the author of the channel and blog Professor 10 de mates. While the first medium is dedicated to explaining problems at ESO, Baccalaureate and higher education levels, the second consists of all kinds of teaching material with which to complement the lessons taught through its videos. Standard exercises, theoretical explanations, proof of theorems ...

Although its content focuses on Mathematics, Sergio has some Physics and Chemistry problems in his videos .

Salvador FI

A channel not as well known as the previous ones but that maintains the essence of popular science. Due to the channel's theme, its content is aimed mainly at Physics, Engineering and Mathematics students , although it also has some more basic videos.


Mechanics, differentials, equations, derivatives ... Also, the author supports video suggestions by subscribers to make the channel more personal.


We reached the middle of the list with Tasksplus, a channel that includes different branches of Mathematics, including Calculus, Arithmetic, Statistics, Probability and Algebra .

In addition to having some Physics problems, the author of Tasksplus covers all the majority of educational ones , except for Primary. Perhaps his greatest strength is the clarity of his classes and the length of his videos, enough to understand the concepts that he reels in each lesson.

We can pass math

A channel exclusively oriented to Infant, Primary and ESO levels of education , with 260,000 followers behind it. It is not a channel dedicated to higher studies, such as Baccalaureate or some science majors and masters.

In this, the author reels in a fairly simple and concise way the explanation of dozens of mathematical problems. Operations with fractions, solving equations of different degrees, calculation of square roots ... The perfect channel for students of Primary and Secondary education.


It is a channel managed by four people with degrees in Physics, Economics and Mathematics. Unlike the rest of channels, Vitual bases its content on small lessons that follow a progressive order to explain some of the most popular topics at the Primary, ESO, Baccalaureate and University levels. In fact, their lessons are more like a distance math class. Part of its charm lies precisely in these classes.

Currently the channel has different playlists that take us through topics such as Algebra, Arithmetic, Differential Calculus, Geometry and, ultimately, the different fields of Mathematics.


You could not miss one of the most famous Latin American channels on YouTube, with almost 2 million subscribers at the time of this writing. math2me is made up of a young couple whose aim is to bring Mathematics to all educational levels, from Primary to University .

In addition to explaining the resolution of the problems using a whiteboard, most videos are accompanied by an explanation with a calculator for those who require it.

Physics and Math

As the name suggests, it is a channel whose content specializes in mathematics and physics at the university and pre-university levels . Headed by Francisco Márquez, physicist and engineer, it currently has more than 113,000 subscribers.

"Taylor polynomials", "Poisson distribution", "Range of a matrix" and "Fourier series" are some of the titles that we can find in what today is one of the most recommended channels for advanced studies.