Hisense RS694N4TF2 type A ++, a very efficient and complete refrigerator

Hisense RS694N4TF2 type A ++, a very efficient and complete refrigerator

Large, very efficient and with advanced technologies to keep food in the best conditions. This is the Hisense RS694N4TF2 type A ++ refrigerator , an appliance that wants to become the king of the kitchen. Of course, make room for it, because it is almost a meter wide and almost 180 centimeters high. Among its most interesting characteristics is the A ++ type efficiency , which places it among the best refrigerators in this regard. Or the Multi Air Flow technology, designed so that the cold is distributed evenly between the different foods that we keep in the fridge. The Hisense RS694N4TF2 type A ++ can be found in stores such as Alcampo or El Corte Inglés. Its price goes up to 1,400 euros. These are its most interesting features.

Hisense RS694N4TF2 type A ++ refrigerator data sheet

TypeSide by side refrigerator
Energy classificationA ++
Measurements91 x 68.9 x 178.6 cm
TechnologiesMulti Air Flow, Total No Frost, Inverter, Super Cool, Holiday Function, Super Freeze Function
FinishStainless steel in black
CapacityRefrigerator: 367 liters

Freezer: 168 liters

Total capacity: 535 liters

Consumption 344 kWh (typical consumption over a year)
Temperature rise timeEight hours in case of a power outage
ControlTouch panel
Other cool featuresBottle tray, Ice and water dispenser (crushed and cubed), 4.5 liter tank
ControlTouch panel
Other cool featuresBottle tray, Ice and water dispenser (crushed and cubed), 4.5 liter tank
Price1,400 euros

Technologies to keep food in the best conditions

The Hisense RS694N4TF2 A ++ refrigerator has a number of technologies to ensure the best performance. Based on the fact that it has the A ++ energy classification , that is, that we are facing a refrigerator that uses very little energy for what it offers. The typical consumption of this equipment during one year is 344 kWh .

One of the technologies that could not be missing was the Multi Air Flow system. The idea behind it is to achieve a flow of cold air that reaches every corner of the refrigerator and the food itself equally . In this way, we achieve a uniform temperature throughout the entire space. If you have had or have an old or cheap refrigerator at home, you probably have had to live with areas of the appliance in which the food is close to freezing, while in other corners it hardly cools as much as it should. With Multi Air Flow you end this solution.

Hisense-RS694N4TF2 multi air flow

Speaking of freezing, it also features Total No Frost technology, which prevents ice crystals from being created . Thanks to this, the accumulated frost both in the freezer and in the refrigerator itself is finished. A good solution to avoid the heavy “iceberg effect” that forces you to defrost the refrigerator and remove the screwdriver or other similar tool to undo the block of ice. For both the fridge and freezer, the Hisense equipment incorporates the Super Cool and Super Freeze functions as standard. Thanks to them, the cooling of food is accelerated (in a stable way) so that it keeps its nutritional properties for longer.

There are two other functions that are worth highlighting. On the one hand, we have the alarm function . This function alerts you in the event that you have left the refrigerator door open. In addition, if the temperature of the food rises suddenly in the event of a power failure, it will also warn you. On the other, we have the Holiday function . This function can be activated manually in case you go on vacation and you are going to leave the refrigerator empty. The temperature inside will rise to 15 degrees to avoid wasting more energy than necessary, while the temperature of the freezer will remain constant so that the long-lasting food stored there will not spoil.

Hisense-RS694N4TF2 filled interior

Design and extra features

The Hisense RS694N4TF2 A ++ is a refrigerator that goes easy on the eyes. It has a very elegant aluminum finish in black. Its full dimensions are 91 x 68.9 x 178.6 centimeters. It is a large team, something to take into account when placing it in the office. This has the advantage that we can store a greater quantity of food, since it reaches a net capacity of 367 liters for the fridge area and another 168 liters for the freezer area (a total capacity of 535 liters).

It should be noted the presence of a touch panel on the door, from which we can control both the operation of the refrigerator and the current temperature and other specific functions . The dispenser is also located in this area. This dispenser allows you to drink fresh water and also enjoy ice in two different formats: crushed ice or ice cubes.

On the other hand, a specific bottle rack is included to store up to a maximum of five bottles.

Hisense-RS694N4TF2 empty

Price and reviews

The Hisense RS694N4TF2 A ++ refrigerator can already be found in different stores in Spain. Its official price amounts to 1,400 euros . This is not a particularly inexpensive model, but it makes up for it with a number of advanced features. Among them, the Multi Air Flow technology could not be missing , designed so that the cold air currents reach all food (and all parts of each food) uniformly.

We also have advanced technologies to quickly cool or freeze different foods so that their nutritional properties are not lost. And all this with a very elegant design with a black steel finish. Without a doubt, an attractive proposal to get all the juice out of your kitchen.

Hisense-RS694N4TF2 ice and water dispenser