Canon Legria Mini X


Canon has released to the market its latest compact camera, the Legria Mini X . This device is perfect for taking selfies, as it has a panel that rotates 90 degrees . Precisely for this reason, it is especially recommended for videoboggers looking for good quality, thanks to its Full HD resolution , while recording their inputs comfortably.

This terminal stands out especially for its design since it is practically curved on all its sides. Its CMOS image sensor has 12.8 megapixels and it is possible to record in slow motion or time-lapse mode.

Likewise, you can send all your recordings to your tablet or smartphone thanks to the incorporation of WiFi technology . In this way, if we add all the above characteristics to its great audio quality, it makes this camera a good bet if you are thinking of buying a compact one.



The Canon Legria Mini X stands out especially for its design. This has a finish with almost all the curved edges so that it remains a very original structure. On its front is the lens and, on one of the sides, a 2.7-inch LCD screen that turns completely so that we can see each other while we record our video or take a photograph. In addition, this panel is capacitive.

The camera has some measures 82 x 30 x 109 mm and weighing 250 grams without battery. In addition, it has a hinge on one of the sides so that the camera can be comfortably supported. In this way, the terminal is easily transportable and easy to use anytime, anywhere.


Sensor and target

Image sensor CMOS of backlit high density type 1/2, 3 " , allowing a good resolution to 12.8 megapixels . This is combined with a good DIGIC DV 4 processor that provides 1080 pixel AVCHD (50i) quality recordings as well as MP4 (25 pixels) .

The objective of fixed focus and a f2.8 aperture , equivalent to a 15 mm in 35 mm photography . It is a wide - angle lens covering 170 degrees for photos and between 150 and 160 degrees for videos .


Videos and photography

The Canon Legria Mini X is capable of recording in AVCHD (50i) or MP4 (25p) , so you can select the format you want to do your job correctly. In addition, the former supports timecode functionality , allowing you to synchronize audio and video from different sources while editing.

These videos are recorded at Full HD resolution (1980 x 1020 pixels) , which will ensure great quality when you want to shoot moving images. In addition, thanks to its new close-up stabilization , it offers users focused and stable images when handheld.

The camera has several useful modes of use to experience your most creative side. For example, the Interval Recording effect , with scenes from five seconds to ten minutes , is a perfect way to tell stories over a long period of time. Also, the Fast Motion and Slow Motion Recording settings will allow you to speed up the image a maximum of 4 times , or slow it down to 1/4 or 1/2 speed .

It also has a smart function that will allow you to photograph your subject based on the object itself. Thus, the modes and scenarios for this function are: Fashion, Food, Sports, Night, Beach, Snow, Macro photography, and In the car .



However, if there is one thing that really stands out, it is the audio quality . The Mini X achieves better sound in videos thanks to a wide dynamic range stereo microphone with linear PCM audio . In this way, it is able to capture what the consumer is recording perfectly.

Thus, the team can distinguish between an interview, a conversation, the sounds of nature or a concert . The mic is 2.5 times larger than that of its younger sister, the Canon Legria Mini, and has two layers that it combines with a mesh of cloth with sponge . This masks unwanted background noise. In addition, for users who require more recording options, it has an external microphone and headphones , as well as a mic settings dial.


Formats and connections

Photographs of the Canon Legria Mini X are saved in JPG . This camera stores your images on SD, SDXC and SDHC memory cards . To get an idea of what would, in a SDXC of 64 gigabytes , would fit up to 35 hours of video recordings .

One of the most important features of this computer is that it can work wirelessly. In this way, thanks to its WiFi technology , you can share content easily. By synchronizing it with Android devices , Google's operating system , or iOS , Apple's software , and after downloading the Canon CameraAccess Pluss application , the zoom of the machine can be controlled. Likewise, the image can be changed from wide angle to close-up.

Plus, you can change the distance to control the optional CT-V1 Panoramic Stand , which lets you capture a 200-degree image of any landscape. To save energy, both the camera and the base can be put into standby mode, with the second connected to the network via an adapter.

For further integration, an HDMI cable can be used to connect directly to a monitor , and videos can be recorded on some external device to get uncompressed images. This will expand your editing options, which will improve the user experience. It also has connections USB and tripod mount , but has no built -in flash .


Autonomy, price and opinions

The battery integrated lithium - ion provides a range of about two hours of recording and charger is included in the package. The Canon Legria Mini X is now available to anyone who wants to get it for a price of 450 euros .

This camera is a good piece of equipment for vloggers and artists who are thinking of buying a device that is not excessively expensive with very balanced features . In addition, its excellent audio quality and the possibility of connection to a smartphone or tablet make it really useful.


Data sheet

ModelCanon Legra Mini X
Weight and measurements82 x 30 x 109 cm

250 grams

Target and sensor Wide angle lens

F / 2.8 aperture

Viewing angle for videos: 100 ° for MP4, 150 ° for VDCHD

Viewing angle for photos: 170º

Close-up mode

1/2, 3 ″ type backlit high sensitivity CMOS

Video and audioFull HD recording of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels

Mp4 and VDCHD format

Large external microphone

Sound settings: microphone display, attenuator, frequency response, directionality

Microphone modes: Normal, Meeting, Festival, Music, Speech, Forest and Bird, Noise Canceling, and Custom

Photography12.8 megapixel sensor

JPEG format

Recording modes Slow motion recording up to 1/4

Fast motion recording up to x4

Interval Image Recording

Food, Fashion, Snow, Night, Beach, Setting, Sports and In car mode

AutonomyTwo hours and half
Price450 euros
+ infoCanyon