▷ 9 tips and tricks to buy safely on Amazon [2019]

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Despite the fact that Amazon is one of the safest stores on the Internet along with eBay and Aliexpress, the truth is that the platform is not exempt from products whose description is quite different from what they really are. To this must be added the false offers that some sellers take advantage of on the web to increase the number of sales. That is why we have compiled several tips and tricks to buy safely on Amazon and avoid scams? .

Run away from third-party stores outside of Amazon

Like eBay, Amazon has a multitude of third-party stores and sellers. In the case of the latter, unless they do not have a distribution agreement with Amazon (the famous "Sold by X and distributed by Amazon"), they are responsible and legally responsible for carrying out the processes related to shipping and delivery. warranty.

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Some of the possible consequences of relegating responsibility to third-party companies can be shipping times and the assumption of the legal guarantee , a guarantee that is often much less efficient than Amazon's when making use of it.

Therefore, the best way to avoid future headaches is to use Amazon as the main seller or companies that collaborate with Amazon.

Be wary of 5-star reviews

For some time now, external stores that sell products on Amazon are carrying out practices related to the falsification of opinions on the platform.

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The operation of this system is very simple: the seller gives a certain item to a real customer and this leaves a positive evaluation, often written by the store itself. To avoid falling into this type of fraud, it is best to access the profile of several of the buyers of the item in question and check their comment history .

In the event that the profile lacks negative opinions or part of them are directed to a single store, it is most likely that we are facing a false or purchased profile .

And check out the 1 or 2 star reviews

What better way to discover the quality of a product than to take a look at negative reviews. And it is that although it is true that the malfunction of a certain item can be a factor that depends on chance, if we talk about low quality products, it is most likely that negative opinions are even more numerous (and mostly sincere) .

It is also recommended to use external pages or opinion platforms to check their veracity, in addition to being reviewed on pages such as YouTube or Facebook.

Check the seller's rating

Amazon's rating system is very similar to eBay's in external sellers and online stores.

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If we have decided on a product sold through third parties, what better way than to check the opinion that users have of the seller through Amazon's rating system.

As with product reviews, the best way to verify their veracity is to take a look at the negative opinions and the response from the seller.

Check product price history on Amazon

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, another of the practices that today are spread by the North American giant has to do with the fictitious price reduction in several products that are shown as Featured .

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To verify that, indeed, we are facing a real offer, it is best to resort to websites such as CamelCamelCamel. The operation of the web is very simple: we will only have to enter the link or the URL of the Amazon product and it will automatically show us the price history of the same over time .

Likewise, we can configure alerts that warn us of a reduction of the product in question via email.

And run away from recommended and promoted products

It is not for nothing that most sellers who use the aforementioned practices have several products in the Featured section of Amazon .

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Many others choose to add the Recommended tag . In both cases "the seat" has been bought to obtain higher sales, which is why we do not recommend acquiring this type of product.

Beware of cheap mobiles

In just a few years, Amazon has become the largest smartphone sales portal in the world thanks, in part, to the supply of mobile phones and the price of the same.

Like everything in life, not all that glitters is gold, and when it comes to buying mobile phones on Amazon, the best way to check that the phone will work correctly in our country is to review the information related to its origin. In telephones that come from Germany, Italy or France, the description usually has words such as IT, FR, German Version ...

This is extremely important, since it is likely that Spanish is not among the available languages. In the case of Samsung mobiles, we will not be able to use NFC through Samsung Pay , and it is most likely that the connection bands to the 4G network do not coincide with those of our country.

Have you searched for the same product on eBay and Aliexpress?

As a general rule, products sold on Amazon are often more expensive than on platforms like eBay or Aliexpress due to the high sales commissions on the web.

On this basis, it is not strange to find products that can multiply the initial value of the same product several times in stores like those mentioned above. Products related to computer and smartphone accessories, such as mice, mats, keyboards, covers or tempered glass.

If the availability of the product in question does not urge us, the best way to check its real value is to use the search engines of both platforms.

Use Amazon Prime whenever you can

Despite the fact that the Amazon Prime subscription has a fairly high price, the truth is that the advantages that the service offers us can save us on more than one occasion from endless waiting times and future problems related to the return of the product in question.

For this reason, opting for products compatible with shipping through Prime is essential if we want to buy in the safest way on Amazon.