How to view Instagram Stories from your computer

How to view Instagram Stories from your computer

It seems that Instagram is following in the footsteps of Facebook. In the same way that it has been in charge of closely following, not to say copying, Snapchat. And it is that now it announces that its stories, the well-known Instagram Stories that are triumphing among its users, will be able to be consulted directly through the computer . Or via the web on a mobile device. That is, through the web version of Instagram.

The most interesting thing is that Instagram Stories will not only be consumer content through the web version. It would also be possible to create your own stories to publish them through this platform. Something that would come in the future. At the moment, they only confirm Instagram's decision to display its Instagram Stories on the web for everyone, although gradually.

As in application

The web version of Instagram Stories or Instagram Stories has little or nothing to envy that of the mobile. Its design is traced. Thus, you only have to access the Instagram website to see, at the top, circles with all these contents. Just like it happens in the application for Android and iPhone.

You just have to click on any of the contacts listed here to see their unseen stories. As in Instagram for mobile, it is displayed for 24 hours. And it is possible to reproduce them as many times as you want. Just one click and the photos and videos start playing . Of course there are two arrows on the sides of the content to be able to see a previous Instagram Story again, or to jump to the next one.

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The user experience remains unchanged . Therefore, you can jump from one contact to another without problems. The difference is that you have to use a mouse. That as long as you don't have a touch screen. In which case, the most comfortable thing is to repeat the gestures and patterns of the Instagram application.

Publish Instagram Stories from the web

The key point that has surprised the Instagram ad is the possibility of publishing Instagram Stories through the web version. It does not matter that it is the mobile version or from the computer. Of course, they have already clarified that, for this, it will still be necessary to wait several months.

This decision can be useful for more business users. Those who work from a computer and want to create content to publish in stories . In this way they will not need to take it to their mobile to publish it.

However, it is a function that loses strength on the mobile itself. And is that why see and upload stories through the web version when you have the convenience of the application? The good news is that, from now on, it will be the users themselves who decide .

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When will it be available

Instagram has already launched the function of its stories in its web version, both for computer and mobile devices. The point is that it will gradually reach the whole world in the coming weeks. There is no trick or valid way to get to see the Instagram Stories from the computer before it is due .

You just have to wait and check, from time to time, if the function has been activated. Just go to and see if the characteristic circles with said content have appeared at the top. If so, it only remains to click on them to enjoy these contents. Otherwise, we will have to keep waiting.