▷ Is Vova reliable? 3 reasons why yes and 4 reasons why not

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Vova, better known as vova.com , is the last great alternative to Wish, Joom and Aliexpress in the form of an application and website to buy cheap products from China. Although its popularity is relatively recent, the truth is that the trading platform has been on the market for some time. As often happens with this type of web page, the doubt of every user has to do with the reliability of the platform when making transactions within it. Is Vova reliable? Is it safe? We see it below.

Three reasons why Vova can be trusted

Like any online buying and selling platform, Vova establishes a series of conditions to ensure that the purchase process is carried out correctly. Conditions that have to do with the method of payment, delivery times and the warranty period.

Supports PayPal as a payment method

PayPal is probably the safest payment method on the Internet. The great advantage of this service is that we can process the refund of the money directly with the company if we have a problem with the product after mediation between the buying party and the selling party.

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That Vova supports this form of payment gives us a clue that it is reliable, at least as far as payment security is concerned.

It has a money-back guarantee

Current legislation requires companies to offer a minimum period where the return of the product can be processed without major problems. In the case of Vova, the company establishes a maximum period of 30 days from receipt of the product .

Once a refund of the money has been requested, the page will return the amount owed within a period that should not exceed 14 days in any case. If the seller demands the return of the product, the money will not be refunded until the item reaches its destination , an item whose shipment we will have to process ourselves.

And customer service 24 hours a day

Although it does not have a chat itself, Vova has a customer service through the email address [email protected] that as indicated in the terms and conditions of use “remains active 24 hours a day ”. With this we will get an answer in less than a day in case of presenting any type of problem with the shipment, the product or the money refund.

Four reasons why Vova is not safe

Not all that glitters is gold, and even less on a website whose product sales are focused on items from China, with all that this entails (quality of products, shipping times, etc.).

The product does not correspond to the image or description

On pages such as TrustPilot, one of the best-known opinion platforms on the Internet, we can see a multitude of comments referring to the fact that the product does not correspond to the image of the article or its description within a logical framework.

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Some users also assure that the company does not accept the refund of the money for this reason , so we can deduce that at least in this aspect Vova is not as reliable as it seems to be.

Problems with the page (account locks, refunds, product payments ...)

Another reason why Vova is not to be trusted has to do with the operation of the page. While some users claim that their account has been blocked due to an alleged “potential risk” , others claim that the page records payment for products that are out of stock or unavailable.

At the time of processing a refund, several people claim that the page declares the amount as paid without having received the refund of the money in their accounts, which puts the page's refund system in serious doubt.

Some orders are not registered

A problem that seems to be very common in Vova has to do with the loss of some orders once they have been processed by the page .

Is Vova reliable?  3 reasons why yes and 4 reasons why not 1

According to various testimonies, the page confirms the order and charges the bank account or PayPal account registered as with any order processed through Vova.com. The most curious thing of all is that the order does not appear anywhere in the order history , which makes its claim impossible for obvious reasons. Nor is any purchase email or document that justifies the order being processed, forcing us to resort to customer service to solve the problem.

Beware of some electronics products

It is not an exclusive problem of Vova, but of the vast majority of platforms for buying and selling Chinese products. Finding 2 TB memory cards for 30 euros or 3 TB USB sticks for less than 50 euros is not difficult on these types of pages, and far from being a bargain, they are a full-blown scam.

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In general, the manufacturers of this type of memory falsify the ability of the article so that a fictitious amount is displayed in the file explorer of Android, Windows, Linux or macOS. Most likely, the actual capacity is very different from the promised one .

So is Vova reliable or unreliable?

Roughly, we can say that it is reliable . From the page, a series of rights are available to the user who can claim if there is a problem with the delivery of the product, the order or the payment thereof.

Due to the problems that the website and the application present, we cannot recommend the purchase of certain electronic products or certain fashion accessories . The best thing to do in these cases is to check the comments section of each product.

It is also recommended to use PayPal as the default payment method to claim orders in case of problems with them and to resort to web pages with a branch in Spain to order products with a price higher than 40 euros, a price from which we strongly urge you to skip pages of Chinese origin.