Amazon cuts its affiliate commissions amid economic crisis

Amazon affiliate cuts USA

The crisis that the Covid-19 pandemic is generating is not leaving anyone indifferent. The vast majority of companies are being affected and Amazon is no exception . Its affiliate system, which is one of the best known and most important in the world of online sales, already announces important cuts that will take effect from April 21.

The Amazon affiliate marketing program has its commissions as a great attraction. In each product category there are specific commissions, a percentage of the final sale, which goes to the affiliate who has generated the link through which the buyer has entered to purchase the product. These commissions vary depending on the country, in the US, which is where these cuts are going to begin, they currently have the following table of commissions:

Table of Amazon affiliates in the US

And this is the new affiliate commission table that will be applied from April 21:

Affiliate rate April USA

Some of these product categories will drastically reduce the commission, with up to 50% in the fixed rate, as Amazon has indicated by email to its affiliates in the United States. It is without a doubt a hard blow for affiliates who have one of their main sources of income through this route.

A large number of digital media that benefit from this affiliate system promoting Amazon products on their websites, will be affected by this cut in commissions. For example, a medium that is dedicated to promoting the sale of furniture, gardening, decoration and home products will go from having a profit of 8% to having it 3% of the final sale. And thus a substantial reduction in the majority of product sales in the different categories. This table of commissions is the one that currently exists in Spain, where for the moment Amazon has not communicated any new cut in its commissions.

Amazon Spain affiliate rates

Despite the wave of online orders that have been made to Amazon since the arrival of the pandemic, the company has also been affected, having to adapt to the circumstances . They have temporarily paused their Prime Pantry delivery service, and are stopping their Amazon Shipping program in June.

All users who participate in the Amazon affiliate program have already expressed their dissatisfaction through social networks , since there are many people who live on these very succulent commissions. There is no doubt that they have arrived at one of the most difficult moments in the midst of the economic crisis. In Europe, at the moment Amazon has not communicated any new cut in its commissions.