Some Sony Xperia have hidden FM Radio functionality

Sony Xperia Z1 01

Did you know that your Sony Xperia has a hidden feature? It's all about the FM Radio functionality . The PhoneArena medium has just given some clues today so that users of the equipment of the Japanese firm Sony Mobile can enjoy their favorite music and radio programs. But, let us start at the beginning. This is nothing new: most smartphones do not incorporate the FM Radio function , a feature that has been absent for years, although in 2007 , for example, a device like the Nokia N95 was introduced to the market with a built-in FM transmitter . Now the big teams withAndroid and iOS do not have this feature to play content on FM bands: not out of the box.

Now it seems that users of Xperia devices are in luck. And they just discovered that there is a hidden feature. An FM transmitter that can be enabled, as long as the hardware equipment allows it. The computers that have been mentioned and that are compatible with this functionality are the following: Sony Xperia Z, Sony Xperia Z Ultra, Sony Xperia Z1, Sony Xperia Z1 Compact, Sony Xperia T and Sony Xperia SP . But what do you have to do to activate this feature?

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact 01

1) The first thing you have to do is get an Xperia smartphone . Presumably if you're reading this article, you already have one in your pocket. We remind you because for now, it has not been possible to demonstrate that the trick works with terminals from other brands or with equipment that has not been mentioned in the previous list.

2) Now you will have to purchase a separate application. It is a tool baptized as Spirit Transmit that costs 20.16 euros . and that you can find in Google Play (not in vain, all Xperia devices work through the Android operating system ). As you can see, it is a rather expensive application, but if you are clear that you want to rescue the FM Radio functionality in your Sony Xperia , perhaps this is the time to purchase it.

3) You also have to retrieve a pair of headphones that you will connect to the smartphone , because the device will use them as a transmitting antenna. You can use those coming in equipment box or otherwise employ other compatible with an output of 3.5 mm .

4) When you open the Spirit Transmit application, you should start enjoying your favorite radio stations without any problem. You can access the stations that interest you the most and listen to your favorite content wherever you are.

Fortunately, the FM Radio functionality is already operational in certain terminals. For example, some Lumia computers include a radio application that is activated by connecting headphones that act as an antenna. And you, have you already tried this trick with your Sony Xperia ? If it has given you results or you have experienced a problem during the process, maybe you can tell us in the comments section.