Lancôme Makeup Chest WhatsApp Scam Spread Again?

Lancôme Makeup Chest WhatsApp Scam Spread Again?

Just a year ago, we warned you about the existence of a scam that circulated through WhatsApp and that featured a Lancôme makeup chest. If you are usually aware of these types of hoaxes and scams, you will know that everything that once came, comes back again. Sometimes even more forcefully.

So it is worth being aware of these types of threats. Much more so now that the Christmas campaign is about to begin and that cybercriminals will take advantage of the moment to try to sneak the odd hoax.

The message that circulated a while ago could be precisely the one that is now reaching users through such popular networks as WhatsApp. Hence, it is so important to be alert to the receipt of any message of these characteristics. Be careful, Lancôme does not give anything away: and this box could be much more expensive than a real one. 


The Lancôme Makeup Chest Scam, back in circulation?

There are indications that the message of the Lancôme scam is circulating again. The same thing happened with the WhatsApp hoax about the terrorist alert, which was reactivated when a new terrorist attack took place in the world. And this has happened on other occasions.

Now that it is time to shop thinking about Christmas, it is not strange that hoaxes or scams begin to circulate about such hackneyed gifts as makeup, perfumes and cosmetic products in general. The message in question, which already circulated on WhatsApp at the time, tries to capture the attention of users by indicating that the prestigious cosmetics firm Lancôme gives away makeup chests . Something that, obviously, is false.

A link is included within the message, in which the unsuspecting user will have to enter their personal data . This is the only purpose pursued by the cybercriminals who are spreading this scam, because the makeup chest is neither there nor expected.

lancome chest

Those who have clicked on the link will go directly to a page that has nothing to do with Lancôme. From there, they are asked to answer a questionnaire with seemingly innocent questions and to click on the Continue button to receive the supposed gift.

Once the questions have been answered, the user is suggested to share the fake promotion with his WhatsApp friends. And this is when the system takes the opportunity to spread the hoax. Other forms of different brands also appear, in which the user is asked to continue adding personal data to win other prizes and gift vouchers. 

Essential recommendations to avoid falling into the trap

To avoid falling for scams of this type, we recommend that you follow these tips:

  • Do not pay attention to these types of campaigns that come through WhatsApp , in which gifts and discounts are promised. They are probably anything but real.
  • Do not enter personal information, much less phone numbers, account numbers and bank cards.
  • If you think you have fallen into the trap,  contact your operator so that they cancel the reception of messages. You may have subscribed to a Premium SMS service.
  • If someone forwards this message to you, let them know it is a scam . At the same time, avoid contributing by forwarding these types of hoaxes so as not to contribute to the snowball getting bigger.
  • In the event that you have a problem with the Lancôme coffers or with any other hoax (there are not a few that circulate there), we recommend that you contact the Civil Guard, the Police or the Internet User Security Office directly.