How to follow the 10 most famous photographers in the world on Instagram

How to follow the 10 most famous photographers in the world on Instagram

His photographs filled the covers of magazines and newspapers. They showed the cruelty of contemporary conflicts, the beauty of everyday life and the peculiarities of remote cultures . And today, already converted into icons of an era, the snapshots of the world's most famous photographers are available to anyone on Instagram.

The social network of photographs is much more than selfies, beach photos and continuous odes to the ego of its users. For those who know how to search, of course. In it we can find unique and overwhelming images of great photographers . If you like discipline and were particularly interested in the article on the five applications to learn digital photography, we invite you to follow these 10 Instagram profiles so that you learn and be inspired by the best.

Robert Capa

Probably the most famous photographer in history. His fearlessness and courage in taking snapshots led him to capture some of the most iconic war images of all time. He coined the phrase "if the photo is not good it is because you are not close enough . " He paced the battlefronts with determination and activated the shutter of his camera with the bullets flying over his head. And, how could it be otherwise, its end was tragic. He was killed by stepping on a mine in the Vietnam War.

Robert Capa was actually the pseudonym of Endre ErnÅ 'Friedmann. He and his partner, the also photographer Gerda Taro, signed the photographs indistinctly with the name of the fictitious character, so it is difficult to determine which of the two is the authorship of some of the snapshots.

This photo of Pablo Picasso is one of three Robert Capa images that are available in the Square Print Sale for just $ 100. But be quick, the sale ends on Friday! Link in bio. “In these images of Picasso and his family, Robert Capa stresses the everyday human side of the man. These are warm friendly images with sharp flashes of the typical Capa gaiety. In this group of pictures, the hopeful aspirations of millions of family snapshot albums is realized by a master journalist photographer. " - Edward Steichen (Director of Photography, Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1947-1962) in the press release for “Photographs of Picasso by Gjon Mili and by Robert Capa” (January 24-March 19, 1950) PHOTO: Pablo Picasso with his nephew Javier Vilato and Françoise Gilot on the beach. Golfe-Juan, France. August, 1948.© #RobertCapa © @ icp / # MagnumPhotos #MAGNUMSQUARE # MagnumPhotos70 #RobertCapa #Picasso

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They can be viewed on Instagram through the Magnum Agency account, founded by Capa himself together with other important photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson or David Seymour “Chim”.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Another of the great photographers of all time. Considered by many the father of street photography, he coined the idea of ​​the “decisive moment” . In other words, capturing the image of a unique moment that would otherwise have been lost forever, as it is unrepeatable.

As a photojournalist, he covered important events, such as the death of Gandhi. As a portrait painter, he immortalized historical figures such as Fidel Castro or Pablo Picasso with his camera . His work can be followed on Instagram through the Magnum Agency account and that of his own foundation.

You saviez-vous? Au troisième étage de la Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson that the photographs of Martine Franck are permanent exhibitions of façon! ⠀ // ⠀ Did you know? On the third floor of the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson, some of Martine Franck's photographs are on permanent display! ⠀ ⠀ Photo: Martine Franck, Tory Island, Donegal, Irlande, 1995 © Martine Franck / @magnumphotos

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Robert Doisneau

He was the photographer who turned the ordinary into the extraordinary . Nobody like him has been able to extract such painterly beauty from everyday pictures. His favorite setting was the streets of Paris, where he portrayed both anonymous Parisians and great people of his time.

The work that raised him to the Olympus of photography was The Kiss at the Hotel de Ville . A highly applauded image that was embroiled in controversy towards the end of its life. And it was discovered that it was an agreed snapshot, despite the fact that Doisneau always sold it as spontaneous. Although he does not have an account, he can be followed on Instagram through the hashtag #RobertDoisneau.

#RobertDoisneau #Love #Paris #Emotion #SimplyMajestic #MasterPhotographer #Classic

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Richard Avedon

One of the best portraitists of all time and a great revolutionary in fashion photography. He was the first to decide to combine glamor with street elements . In addition, it gave great dynamism to his photographs despite being prepared. Beyond his fashion snapshots, he also made reports of deep social significance.

But where Avedon stood out as an unrivaled genius was in short distances, as a portrait painter . Famous and unknown people passed before his camera and posed on his famous white background, the New Yorker's house mark. His ability to capture the most personal and psychological side of his portraits made him world famous. His images can be followed through the Richard Avedon Foundation account on Instagram.

Charlize Theron and Patty Jenkins, actor and film director, New York, January 8, 2004 #richardavedon @charlizeafrica #pattyjenkins @newyorkermag @newyorkerphoto

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Steve McCurry

American photojournalist known for his documentary photographs. He is the author of one of the most iconic images in history, that of The Afghan Girl . He is also a great portrait painter and with his snapshots he has managed to capture the essence of the cultures visited, the daily life of the disaster and the dignity of those who have suffered it.

In recent years he has been sparked by controversy, when it was discovered that he manipulated some of his photographs with Photoshop . Something unforgivable for photojournalists. However, the American remains one of the best photographers of all time. You can follow him through his personal account on Instagram.

This portrait will be in my new book, Afghanistan, published by @taschen coming out in September. //

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Helmut Newton

Considered the father of porno- chic , his photographs loaded with strong eroticism revolutionized the world of fashion . His provocative images received a lot of criticism. Some believed that it offered an exhibitionist image of female sexuality. He defended himself by claiming that he portrayed the power and strength of women. His is the phrase "a photographer who says he is not a voyeur is an idiot."

You can see his snapshots through his unofficial Instagram account.

Catherine Deneuve for Esquire by Helmut Newton, 1976

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Annie leibovitz

Specializing in portraits of celebrities, she is one of the best photographers of our time. Widely recognized with awards such as the Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities or the title of "Living Legend" by the United States Library of Congress, her snapshots include icons of contemporary musical culture such as the image of YÅ ko Ono being embraced by John Lennon naked .

You can find her photos on the Vanity Fair Instagram profile or the hashtag #AnnieLeibovitz.

Annie Leibovitz. John Lennon and Yoko Ono photographed in their apartment at the Dakota five hours before Lennon was shot dead on the sidewalk outside. December 8th 1980. For Rolling Stone. Peace & Love. When things are fucked. I know we all know this photograph & its story like the palms of our hands, but it keeps on being extraordinary. This is @rachelknepfer finding a signal from deep in the Australian bush, responding to the posts (look to the grid) by my friends @ aviola66 in LA & @ ffarrell4 in NYC. Over to you, Fiona. ✌️ & ❤️. #johnandyoko #annieleibovitz #thegiveandtake

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Sebastiao Salgado

Su caso es muy particular. Economista de profesión, descubrió la fotografí­a cerca de los 30 años y de forma autodidacta. A partir de entonces comenzó a documentar dramas sociales como guerras, hambrunas y duras condiciones de trabajo. Sus instantáneas se pueden contemplar en su perfil oficial de Instagram.

Boys feeling from southern Sudan, 1993. #sebastiaosalgado

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Chema Madoz

Chema Madoz es un fotógrafo muy diferente a los ya mencionados. El español trata como pocos el surrealismo en la fotografí­a. Sus obras tienen un marcado carácter pictórico, y en ellas las texturas y los juegos visuales se entremezclan en composiciones imposibles para formar potentes imágenes conceptuales. Su obra se puede seguir, así­ como sus exposiciones itinerantes, a través de su cuenta de Instagram.

Lo que vemos nunca es lo que parece. What we see is never what it seems. Feliz verano y cuidado con el fuego! #photo#photos#pic#pics#psicologia#pictures#snapshot#art#beautiful#instagood#creaticidad#photooftheday#blancoynegro#medera#exposure#composition#focus#moment#photohub#photostock#photography#photoshooting#photographer#fotografia#photoart

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Ouka Leele

The Spanish woman is a multidisciplinary artist, something she likes to capture in her photographs. He gives his surrealist portraits in black and white color, as if it were a canvas . These curious works can be followed through your personal Instagram account

#selfportrait with water #selfie

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