This is what I have earned on YouTube with a video with 100,000 views

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Since the health crisis due to the coronavirus affected economic activity in Spain and other European Union countries, investment in advertising by companies has dropped significantly. This is something that greatly affects pages like YouTube or Facebook, where the business model starts precisely from this premise. It is a fact, the price of advertising is getting lower and lower , and therefore, the income of  youtubers  and content creators in general.

At this point, it is inevitable to wonder how much YouTube pays for a certain number of visits. In this other article we made an estimate on a video that would reach one million views. This time we have decided to do the test ourselves with a video that has reached 100,000 views. The answer will surprise more than one.

YouTube pays less per visit than I would like

So is. The test dates back to August 12, 2019, the date on which I published the video on my personal channel, a video that I will leave you below.

The theme of the video is simple 'Fix the error MSVCP140.dll file is missing from computer 2019'. I'm not trying to sell a product or advertise a service or anything like that. A simple tutorial that comes to solve one of the most common errors in Windows 10.

how much do you earn on youtube 2020 21

Half a year later, more specifically in the middle of last month, YouTube sent me a notification, "Your video has exceeded 100,000 views," it said. After the surprise, I decided to refer to YouTube Studio, the Google application that allows you to obtain a more detailed report of the visits and income generated from the channel and videos. The estimated revenue for the app is ... a measly $ 16! What to change are less than 15 euros . It is worth saying that this estimate is monthly, that is, it would enter 15 euros per month to continue with the current rate of views.

Taking a look at the YouTube graphs, I can see that the average CPM (cost per thousand views) is only 1.85 euros , a fairly low value if we compare it with other videos that I have shared on the channel. In total, I have made about 40 euros since I posted the video last year.

The conclusion, therefore, is that 100,000 views with an average CPM of 1.85 euros and an average of 1,000 views per day is equivalent to about 15 euros per month . We can deduce that in a video with a reach 10 times greater the figures will be multiplied by 10, that is, 150 euros per month. Nothing is further from reality. This figure is probably higher due to the greater number of daily views. 10,000? 20,000 maybe?

I could have won 3 times more yes ...

If this same video were of a different theme. As we have explained on several occasions, the CPM is the value that defines the revenue generated by a video per 1,000 views. This value changes depending on the chosen theme. If it is focused on a product or service that is subject to being promoted by third-party companies, the value will increase. If, on the other hand, it is a video whose theme is not susceptible to being exploited by advertisers, the CPM will drop dramatically . Proof of this is this other video entitled 'The 9 best FREE applications for Mac that you must have'. You can see it below.


If we take a look at YouTube Studio, we can see that the average CPM of this video has been… almost 5 euros! About 4.92 euros to be exact. For proof, an image.

how much do you earn on youtube 2020 20

Since November 16, the date I published the video, until now, I have received a total income of almost 15 euros with 10 times less visits. If I had managed to scale this video to 100,000 views, I would have obtained an income of… 150 euros per month! Exactly, the same as the previous video with a million views. There is nothing.

The reason that the CPM varies in this way again stems from the nature of the theme, something that is intrinsically related to the CPC, that is, the cost per click, or what is the same, what each advertiser pays to Google every time a user clicks on an ad . In third-party software and applications, the CPC is higher than in a general-themed video, such as a simple Windows tutorial or a food? Video . or Instagram challenges.

Conclusion: the CPC rules if you want to make a living with YouTube

And not something that I say, but dozens of tools that we can help ourselves with. Ahrefs, Mangools, SEMrush ... There are many pages, most of them paid, that allow us to know the CPC of different keywords focused on Google searches. Today, this data oriented to YouTube cannot be known , but the estimate is similar, since both drink from the same advertising system, Google Ads.

This is what I have earned on YouTube with a video with 100,000 views 1

This time I have turned to Mangools to find out the CPC from a simple search, 'how to activate Windows 10'. We can see a variation of 20 or 30 cents and even 1 dollar between searches. For certain keywords, this value can be as high as $ 8, $ 10, or $ 15 . It all depends on the market niche.

Another variant that will determine financial success on YouTube has to do with viewing time, a fact that we can know thanks to YouTube Studio. It is very simple, the longer the viewing time, the greater the number of income we will obtain . The reason? Users see more ads and the chances of clicking on an ad space increase. Of course, as long as they do not use an ad blocker.

There are different ways to increase viewing time. The most effective is to make content that adds value or that encourages interaction with the comments of the video to further 'lock' the user into YouTube, although this is probably sand in the bag. This equation also includes the number of ads included in the video, something that we can control manually if our video exceeds 10 minutes in length.