How to delay, advance and synchronize the subtitles with the video

subtitle videos

Many users prefer to be up to date on their favorite series and choose to see it in its original version with subtitles. The problem is that sometimes these do not fit the image too closely, causing a delay between what we see and what we read. There is a solution for this called Aegisub , a specialized video editing program, that will help you with the synchronization of the subtitles. It is available for various platforms. You just have to go to their website to download it.

It is really very uncomfortable to download the last chapter of The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones in its original version and start to see how the image goes ahead of what we are reading. There is a very quick solution that we can do with some players like Media Player Classic HC, which is included in the CCCP pack . You can also make use of the Aegisub program . We explain what you have to do depending on whether you choose one option or another.

subtitle videos

In case of choosing the fast, and If you have a player like Media Player Classic HC , you can move the subtitles times at the moment through the filter settings DirectVobSub. To do this, you have to name the video and subtitle file in the same way and double click on the video. Next, you will have to access the menu Play> Filters> DirectVobSub> Properties and go to the Timing tab . From here, enter the value of the offset you want to enter or subtract in milliseconds (example: half a second delay would be 500ms). Click OK. It should be noted that you will have to try different values ​​(both positive and negative) until you have it controlled.

This method can get you out of a momentary trouble, but it is true that it can be a headache to find the optimal value to enjoy the perfect timing . It is then when it is best to make use of a more specialized program such as Aegisub . Once you have downloaded and installed it, open the program to launch the main interface. From here, you just have to open the file corresponding to the chapter. To do this, go to the Video> Open video menu . You can get a visual aid through the menu Audio> Open audio from video.

To detect the necessary displacement, choose the dialogue line you want and play it. Here we advise you to choose one from the beginning if you do not want any spoilers. Pay attention to the spectrogram: the red line will determine the beginning of the sentence and the blue the end. If you look closely you will see that the subtitle starts later than the audio , so it will have to be advanced a bit. Use the cursor to see what the exact timestamp is, and subtract to get the offset value to apply.

To apply the displacement, go to the Synchronization menu > Displacement by time. Here, add the value calculated in the previous step and make sure you select the correct mode. In this case, since you want to advance the subtitles, you will have to move them backwards, that is, bring them closer to the beginning of the chapter. When you are done, click OK and check that everything is fine. To finish, save the changes in Srt format in the File> Export Subtitles section.