How to check your tax data for Income 2017

How to check your tax data for Income 2017

Since last week, the Tax Agency has offered taxpayers the possibility of downloading a mobile application. It is used to consult the tax data for Income 2017 . And from day 4, which is when the submission deadline begins, it will also be useful for making presentations. As long as it is only necessary to confirm the draft.

Today we want to help you quickly consult your tax data. With instructions to do it both through the application and from the computer.

How to check your tax data for Income 2017

How to check tax data through the app

If you want to check the tax data of Income 2017 you have it very easy through the app. The official tool of the Tax Agency is available from the official stores, both Google and Apple . So, whether you have an Android or iOS mobile, you shouldn't have any problems. Of course, always make sure to download the official application.

1. To begin, then, download the application from the Tax Agency . If you have trouble doing this, follow these simple instructions.

2. Next, you will have to request the reference number. If you have not done so yet, once inside the application, you will have to identify yourself with the following information : NIF, validity date of the DNI and Box 450 of the 2016 declaration. This will be the case if you use the reference number route , instead of doing it with Cl @ ve Pin or with electronic certificate.

When you have entered this information, you will receive a code that will be used for any management that you are going to carry out during the 2017 Income campaign. It will be accessible from the application itself, instead of in an SMS. Of course, to enter the application you will always have to enter the PIN code of your mobile for security.

3. If you are already in the app, click on the 2017 Income option . It is the first box that you will find on the cover of the application.

4. Now click on Fiscal Data. Here you will see a list with all the sections about which the Tax Agency has information. The following can be displayed: Tax address, Economic activities, Income from bank accounts, Income from operations, Census data on activities, Contributions to special regimes, Donations, fees and contributions, Loans and related credits, Company installments, Real estate cadastral information , Deduction for maternity, etc.

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How to consult tax data through the web

That you prefer to do everything as usual, through the web? Well don't worry, because this option is also available. And it is perfectly valid.

1. Access the Tax Agency page for the 2017 Income campaign.

2. Next, you will also have to request the reference number . If you have not done it yet through the application, you can do it from the web. Simply click on Get your reference number. Remember that you will need the DNI number, the validity date and the information in box 450 of last year's declaration.

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3. When you have it, you can access with your data. Click on the option With reference number . You will have to enter your ID and your reference number.

4. Once inside, you will access the list of all your tax data . It is the same information that you have in the application and that is usually found in the draft. As of April 4, you will be able to present the corresponding declaration. Meanwhile, you already have almost everything you need to prepare it.