Loewe Xelos televisions, in-depth analysis

Loewe Xelos

Apart from their quality and equipment, Loewe equipment is known for its high customization possibilities, thanks to the large number of colors and finishes available for its entire range. And this is also on TVs Loewe Xelos , which can be ordered in four colors, white, black, silver and mocha, and also can be combined with the range of media and furniture Rack of Loewe .

The Loewe Xelos are mid-range televisions, available in sizes 32, 40 and 46 inches . Its modern but non-fanciful design clearly deviates from the lines of the competition through the use of small details, such as the round central switch, or the thick screen frame. The prices of the range of Xelos televisions are 800 euros for the 32-inch model , 1,200 euros for the 40-inch and 1,600 euros for the largest, 46-inch .

Loewe Xelos


As we have already indicated, Loewe televisions have a personal but discreet design, which nevertheless manages to convey a pleasant sensation of perceived quality. The Xelos range has recently added two new colors to its offering, now available in white, black, chrome-silver and mocha . The television includes an elegant base or tabletop support finished in glass, although if we take a look at the Loewe Rack solutions catalog , we will find different placement solutions, from stylish floor supports to complete furniture where we can also store the rest of our equipment and players.


The Loewe Xelos feature a 100 Hertz technology led backlit lcd screen that offers a 178 x 178 degree viewing angle . The resolution is Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) and the response time of the screen is eight milliseconds . Contrast is 1,500: 1 and brightness 450 candela per square meter . It includes a digital terrestrial television ( DTT ) tuner compatible with high definition broadcasts, and also has a USB portfrom which we can play the audio or video files that we have on a pendrive or external hard drive. Port USB of the Loewe Xelos we can also record our favorite shows, thanks to the function DR + Streaming , and to play them later or just when we want.


Moving on to the sound section, the Loewe Xelos are equipped with a two- speaker stereo system with a power of 2 x 10 watts in the small, 32-inch model , and 2 x 12.5 watts in the larger versions, 40 and 46 inches . The system has an equalizer or independent control for bass and treble , and with other interesting functions such as automatic volume control , compatibility with Dolby Digital and DTS , 5.1 digital outputand fixed, variable and subwoofer audio output.

Although in principle it is a normal stereo system, Loewe has equipped the Xelos range with its CRX technology . This feature basically consists of a passive bass port bent to fit seamlessly inside televisions. Thanks to this, the Xelos get a full sound with decent bass.

In any case, and as always from this page, we recommend that if we want to make the most of the multimedia capabilities of the latest TV models, it is best to get an external audio equipment, be it a home cinema , a Hi-Fi equipment or a sound bar or projector . Loewe itself has in its catalog with interesting options to improve the quality of the television, such as Soundprojector systems , which in addition to the quality of the Loewe equipment , have an attractive design that will combine perfectly with our Xelos or with any other television in the world. firm.

Loewe Xelos

Smart tv

Like practically all televisions in this price range, the Loewe Xelos have a Smart TV mode with an Internet connection and a wireless network connection. The system MediaNet of Loewe incorporates web browser and access to radio stations Internet as well as video services and online music. From here we will also access the USB video recorder that we have mentioned before, and that will allow us to schedule the recording of our favorite programs to see them when we want to.

Loewe was one of the first brands to incorporate the HbbTV system , and the Xelos range also includes this option. The HbbTV and hybrid television is a service used by some television channels such as TVE , which combines analogue broadcasting by offering programs, series and documentaries online.

Continuing with the network characteristics, the MediaHome function allows us to play videos, music or photos from other compatible devices that we have connected to the network. These devices could be a computer, a smartphone , a tablet or a laptop, for example, and we could send any content we have on them to the TV screen without having to connect any cables between the computers.


If we take a look at the connection panel, the Loewe Xelos have two HDMI ports , two USB ports , Scart , S-VHS , Hi-8 and component video inputs, analog and digital audio output, VGA input for computer, IC card slot for pay channels and wired and wireless network connection. Conclusions The Loewe XelosThey are an interesting option in this price range, since it allows us to access one of the best brands of televisions on the market for the price of a let's say generalist television. In addition, its design, the four available colors and the customization possibilities offered by the brand make it a team with many points in its favor. Loewe Xelos televisions have a recommended retail price of 800, 1,200 and 1,600 euros for the 32, 40 and 46-inch versions respectively.

Data sheet

ModelLoewe Xelos
screenLCD with LED backlight Display refresh rate 100 Hertz
ResolutionFull HD (1920 x 1080 pixels)
Contrast1,500: 1
Brightness450 cd / m2
SoundStereo CRX2 x 10W (32 inches)

2 x 12.5 W (40 and 46 inches)


Automatic volume adjustment

Multimedia and network functionsUSB recorder and player

MediaHome (photo, music and video via home network and USB)

MediaNet (internet portal / browser / internet radio / internet video)

MediaText (HbbTV) / MediaUpdate


2 x HDMI2 x USB

S-VHS, Hi-8 and Component video inputs


Analog audio input

Analog and digital audio output

IC card slot

Ethernet port

Wireless wlan

Dimensions32 inches - W 79.8 / H 54.2 / PP 6.1

40 inch - W 98.4 / H 64.6 / PP 6.6

46 inches - W 110.3 / H 69.8 / PP 6.5

Weight32 inches - 13 kg

40 inches - 20.5 kg

46 inch - 22.1 kg

Energy Class

Recommended retail price32 inches - 800 euros

40 inches - 1,400 euros

46 inches - 1,600 euros

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