The best Samsung Galaxy S7 edge deals for Black Friday

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

The Black Friday is here, so if you are one of those who were waiting for this date as rain in May to renew your mobile phone or buy the phone you're going (or going) to give away this Christmas, you have to start tracking offers from already. Tomorrow is the day! One of the phones that promise to be on the shelves of great and succulent offers is the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge , the most cutting-edge phone from the Korean firm Samsung , whose launch on the market will soon be one year old. Hence it has become discount meat for this Black Friday. We have already found the first offers, so if you were wanting to get hold of it, you have a golden opportunity at your fingertips. Or even several. Shall we take a look at them?

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung has made its own Black Friday through the online store. You can find the most varied offers, but one of the most interesting is the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge in gold for 720 euros, instead of 820 euros, which means a saving of 100 . You have the option of paying it in cash, but Samsung also offers you the possibility of getting it in installments: 30 euros for 24 installments .

samsung galaxy s7 edge phone house

In Phone House you will  also find a lot of interesting offers, both for today and tomorrow, which is the big day. The  Samsung Galaxy S7 edge will also cost 720 euros, but instead of getting it only in gold (as in the Samsung store ), you can buy it in the rest of the colors that are available: black, pink, white and of course , golden .

samsung galaxysS7 edge media markt

One of the most interesting offers that we have found for the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge for this Black Friday is the one proposed by Media Markt.  The store offers us the same phone, but cheaper, so that instead of paying the 820 euros that it usually cost , you can take it in your pocket for 680 euros , which is a discount of 140 euros  (a little more than what they offer in the other stores).

samsung galaxy s7 edge ebay

And even cheaper is the 32GB Samsung Galaxy S7 edge currently sold on eBay . If you want to get the offer you will have to hurry, because 79% of the available units have already been sold . The phone costs, free, 600 euros , so the discount is frankly interesting: 220 euros below the usual cost.

samsung galaxy s7 edge fnac

If you usually buy at FNAC , you will also find an interesting discount here. It is not as large as the latter that we propose, but you will stop paying the 100 euros of the cost that the device would normally have, so that the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge will cost you just 720 euros. 

samsung galaxy s7 edge one expert

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge that you can buy from the El Corte Inglés page also has a 12% discount applied , so instead of paying 820 euros for it , you can take it in your pocket for 720 euros . If you prefer to save a little more and do without the famous curved screen of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, you may also want to take a look at the offer that this same store proposes for the Samsung Galaxy S7 , which costs 620 euros .

Are you interested in any of these offers? Which of them are you planning to target?