How to know who has seen my WhatsApp status

How to know who has seen my WhatsApp status

Fashion stories that started with Snapchat, has become a genuine need for users, so much so that even WhatsApp has implemented in its messaging service . The so-called statuses are already available to all users. And although for some, it may seem like a nuisance and practically a censer, many are those who have decided to accept this new feature, and publish. For all of them, we have already told you its function and some little tricks, but, if you want to know how to see who has seen yours , we will explain it to you in this short tutorial.

To know who has gossiped your 'story', the main thing is to publish one. What we have to do is move to the application, and in the tab on the left, where the camera, we take or upload our photograph, edit it, choose the display option and publish it . Once published, we will have to wait for one of our contacts to see it.

Two ways to see who has seen it

Seen whatsapp status

To see who has agreed to look at our status, we have two options. The first is by pressing the three green dots that we will find next to ”˜my status” ™, there we will see the number of users who have seen it. The second option is entering your status, and sliding from bottom to top, in this way, you will see the number of users who have seen it, in addition to their names.

From the visualizations box we can delete our status, or it can be forwarded to one of our contacts . We must emphasize that you can also control to choose who sees your statuses. From an option in the settings we can exclude different contacts, in this way they will not be able to see it.

Yes, in this simple way you can know who has seen it, now it's time to experiment with your status and get the most out of the functions it offers.