Furby Connect returns one of the funniest and most disturbing toys

Furby connect

Furby, one of the most successful technological toys since the launch of the first models in the 90s, is updated once again to offer entertainment by synchronizing with mobile applications via Bluetooth . The strange alien owl will also be able to interact in real time with the contents of the application, remind you that it is time for dinner or even turn on an LED signal to notify you that there is new content available in the mobile game.

After the big update in 2012 , Hasbro has decided to return to the fray with one of its flagship toys, which continues to modernize and adapt to the play modes of the children of each generation. In this case, and how could it be otherwise, the new Furby can be connected via Bluetooth to a mobile application to play and get the most out of it. And the range of phrases and expressions that the toy uses to interact with the user has also greatly improved.

Furby Connect features

Furby Connect comes standard with over 1000 phrases and expressions, plus a hundred different expressions for your eyes (made with a color LCD screen ). The movements offered by the toy are much more natural than in the past, and the brand has also introduced new sensors to improve the possibilities of interaction.

Furby, in short, gets smart. You know the date and time at all times, so you can comment on dinner or order breakfast.

The Furby Connect World app is specially designed to take toy options much further. It is a virtual universe with which the user can interact to have more multimedia and entertainment content available. Furby Connect connects to the app via Bluetooth, where users can care for their pet and even raise virtual Furblings . When notifications come to the app, Furby Connect lights up with an LED light. And as a special detail, Furby Connect is capable of reacting in real time to the content shown in the app., for example showing surprise or joy at a special moment in the mini-shows offered by the  Furby Theater of the mobile application.

And for those who need to disconnect from their pet from time to time, the toy will come with a special mask that can be placed over their eyes to make them sleep .

Furby connect

Price and availability

The Furby Connect World app will be available for download starting July 7 for Amazon Fire , Android and iOS devices. The toy is already available in pre-sale on Amazon in the United States for $ 100 (about 90 euros) , but there is still no official release date in Spain.

Furby Connect is suitable for children from 6 years old and will be available in several colors in the coming months, although users who opt for Amazon presale in the United States will only be able to choose between two colors "" for now ".