Chromecast vs Xiaomi Mi Box comparison


Do you have a TV and want to add more features? A very good option is to acquire a Smart TV device, such as a Chromecast or a TV Box. In this way you can enjoy apps like Netflix, YouTube or HBO on your TV and without spending a lot of money, since the price of these devices is between 50 euros. Currently there are two options to take into account. On the one hand, the Google Chromecast, a compact and inexpensive device that connects to the TV through the HDMi and is controlled with our mobile or Google Assistant. On the other hand, the Xiaomi Mi Box S. An Android TV Box of about 60 euros and something larger, but with Android TV operating system, remote control and Google apps. We compare them.

The truth is that there are quite a few differences between the two devices. Let's start with the design and see what both devices offer us. On the one hand, the Google Chromecast is a 'TV stick' that connects through HDMI, it goes on the back of the TV or in the area where the HDMI connection is located. In any case, something more than the Xiaomi Mi Box S can be disguised, since this device has to be on a flat surface. Mainly to be able to access infrared.

The Google Chromecast has a compact and rounded design. You need a single micro USB to USB cable that can be connected to either the TV or the power adapter. On the other hand, the Mi Box has two cables: the power cable and the HDMI cable. Considering that the Chromecast has HDMI built in, this latest device from Google is much easier to transport. So if you are traveling and there is a TV, you can connect it quickly and it fits in any pocket.

Google Chromcast Vs Xiaomi Mi Box S Features

The Google Chromecast is controlled via mobile. It is a device to send content, so we will have to do everything through our smartphone, the Google Home app or the applications that allow us to use Google Cast. Apps such as Netflix, HBO, YouTube or Spotify are compatible and have a direct access to be able to broadcast immediately. In addition, if we have the device connected to the power, it can even turn on the TV automatically, without having to take the remote control. It also has a very good integration with the Google Assistant. For example, we can ask you to play Stranger Things on Netflix, and it will automatically start playing, even with the TV turned off.


In the case of the Mi Box S, we can also do everything the Chromecast does, but we add Android TV, its own operating system with apps like Netflix or streaming, games and more. We can select all this through the television and without using the mobile, since it is navigated using the remote control. Of course, we cannot turn on the TV through the Mi Box, as it happens with the Google Chromecast. Therefore, if we want to reproduce something, we will have to have the TV turned on. Synchronization with the Google Assistant is not that good, but we do have the Assistant on the Android TV itself, so by pressing a button we can carry out different actions. For example, ask about the weather, put a video on YouTube or play music.

Another point in favor of the Mi Box S is the remote control. It offers the possibility of raising and lowering the volume , it has a direct access button to Netflix, a Google assistant button and a controller that allows us to handle the interface much more easily. It is more comfortable than being with the mobile at hand to have to pause, increase the volume or rewind.

Image quality and connections

The Google Chromecast has different versions. There is a variant with 4K called Chromecast Ultra, and this one is priced at 70 euros. While the Mi Box S has 4K and its price is somewhat lower, about 60 euros. Both models have the option to play in HDR. In terms of connections, the Google Chromecast only has the integrated HDMI, while the Mi Box S has an HDMI port and a USB port, in addition to Bluetooth to connect peripherals or headphones.

Last conclusions


What is the best device? In general, the Xiaomi Mi Box S beats the Google Chromecast. We have 4K at a lower price, our own operating system with apps similar to those of Android, a much more intuitive interface and the possibility of controlling via mobile, when the Google Chromecast only has this last option, in addition to better integration with the Assistant of Google. In addition, the Mi Box S has a remote control, USB connection and Bluetooth connectivity.

Without a doubt, the most interesting feature of the Google Chromecast is its portability. It is a very handy device, with a single cable that can be connected to the television and very light. It is the best option if you travel and want to see all your content on any other TV with HDMI, since you will only need a stable Wi-Fi network to be able to play content. In addition, you will not have to carry the remote, worry about batteries or cables.

However, if you are going to have this device at home and you don't mind having another remote control to control all the multimedia, the Mi Box S is a good option. Of course, keep in mind that it does not include DTT, so it would not completely replace the system of your television, since if you want to see the different channels, you will not be able to do it with the Xiaomi device, and neither with the Google Chromecast.