Tenda Nova MW3 AC1200 Mesh, we have tested it

Tenda Nova MW3 AC1200 Mesh, we have tested it

We tested the Tenda Nova MW3 kit , a set with several WiFi repeaters (Mesh) to improve the home network. It has an eye-catching design, is easy to set up and offers coverage of up to 300 square meters.

The Tenda Nova Mw3 kit is composed of three WiFi nodes, which we can place in different places at home or in the office to improve the signal of the wireless network in the furthest corners of the router .

All the configuration and management of the network is done through a mobile application , Tenda WiFi App. In a few steps, the three nodes are ready, distributing the signal and guaranteeing a stable connection of all devices.

The Tenda Nova MW3 three-node set-kit is available for 100 euros , although we can also purchase a kit with only two nodes for 90 euros. It all depends on the needs of the space where we are going to install it.

Key features of the Tenda Nova MW3

The Tenda Nova MW3 mesh kit offers three devices capable of distributing the WiFi signal and improving Internet connectivity, even in homes or large offices. It can cover an area of ​​up to 300 square meters, thus eliminating "dead spots" or no signal.

In addition, the kit's technology ensures that devices remain connected at all times, without signal interruptions .

The Tenda Nova MW3 has advanced QoS technology , capable of distributing the bandwidth so that no device loses connection stability.

Another important element of the system is that it can be configured simply and quickly , in just a few steps.

This mesh kit can be managed with the Tenda WiFi App mobile application , available in the App Store for iOS and in Google Play. It is compatible with iOS 8.0 or higher, and with Android 4.0 or higher.

What do we find in the box?

In the box of the Tenda Nova MW3 we will find the three devices of the kit , along with three connection cables to the current and an Ethernet network cable. The pack includes a brochure with setup instructions (in multiple languages) and warranty documents.

The setup instructions show step-by-step how to get the mesh kit up and running in no time to ensure Wi-Fi connectivity throughout your home.

Tenda Nova MW3 kit design

The kit consists of three repeaters in white, cube- shaped , with a raised ornament on the top. They are lightweight and measure about 9 cm wide x 9 cm high x 9 cm thick.


The decoration of the upper part has a gloss effect, but the rest of the surface is designed in matt , and with the Nova logo on the front. Just below the logo we find a small LED indicator light that turns on to show the connection status:

  • The green light indicates optimal connection.
  • The orange light means improved connection. The node must be moved closer to another unit in the kit to optimize it.
  • If the light is red , that mesh unit is disconnected.

On the back of each one we find the connector to connect them to the power supply, a LAN cable port and another WAN / LAN . There is also a small button to reset the device when necessary.

The best way to guarantee good coverage is to leave a maximum distance of 10 meters between one node and another. In case of having to cover a very large surface, it is advisable to use

Datasheet - Tenda Nova MW3 AC1200 Mesh

Kit typeMesh kit
Protocols2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11n / g / b

5GHz IEEE 802.11ac / n / a

Wired connection1 Ethernet cable
Range and speedUp to 300 square meters of surface

About 860 Mbits / second

Kit devices3 identical nova nodes with LED indicator

Anyone can serve as the primary node

Buttons, indicators and portsOn all nodes:

Reset button

LED indicator light according to connection quality

Ethernet LAN port

Ethernet WAN / LAN port

Power connection port

DimensionsEach node is cubic in shape: 90 millimeters wide x 90 millimeters high x 90 millimeters deep
SecurityMixed security system, compliant with WPA / WPA2-PSK
Outstanding featuresParental controls, guest network, QoS function,
Mobile appTenda WiFi App for Android and iOS

Compatibility: iOS 8.0 and later, Android 4.0 and later

Release dateAvailable
Price100 euros (kit with 3 nodes)

90 euros (kit with two nodes)

How to set up the kit step by step

The first thing we must do is identify the points in the home or office that receive a weak signal or that are very far from the router. Those are the corners where we will distribute the kit devices.


For the initial configuration, we must choose one of them (it is indifferent) and connect it through the Ethernet cable to the router . Specifically, we will join the Ethernet port of the router to the WAN / LAN port of the node. Next we will connect it to the current.

This node will become the primary node, while the other two will remain as the secondary ones . The rest of the commissioning can be done easily through the mobile application, Tenda Wifi App. It is available for download on Google Play and in the Apple App Store.

Once installed, we will have to connect the smartphone to the WiFi network generated by the main node . The information for this network is at the bottom of the device (the one we have connected to the router).

Next, the Tenda Wifi app detects the type of connection , and allows us to configure the WiFi network: SSID name and password, if we want.

When we have completed all the steps, the rest of the units in the kit will connect themselves : you just have to have them plugged into the power in the correct places. The LED lights of each device will indicate the quality of the connection.

In case any of the devices show red light or orange light, we will have to make sure to bring it closer to another nova unit to ensure that it receives a good signal.

Usage impressions

Without a doubt, the most striking thing is the speed with which we can configure the entire kit , in a few steps and directly from the mobile. It is appreciated not having to manually connect each of the nodes.

It is also practical that the three nodes of the kit are identical : any of them can be used as the primary node, without having to specify it beforehand.

The Tenda Nova MW3 mesh system stands out especially for the stability of the WiFi connection , although it is not particularly fast. The maximum for each node is about 860 Mbits per second.

Features available through the Tenda WiFi app

The Tenda WiFi application allows you to easily manage the status of the network and check the connected devices at all times, directly from the mobile.

In addition, we can block devices to prevent them from connecting to the network.

In the application settings menu we find other advanced options and management of the Tenda Nova MW3 kit:

  • Wireless configuration (name and password of the network).
  • Creation of guest network .
  • Parental control . With this function it is possible to create user groups and limit Internet access on certain devices. For example, you can set hours of the day when it is possible to connect and others when those users will not have access to the network.
  • QoS mode : by activating this function, the router will give priority to gaming and web browsing over other possibilities. Thus, the distribution of bandwidth is optimized at all times.

Conclusions: advantages and disadvantages of the Tenda Nova MW3 AC1200 Mesh kit


The Tenda nova MW3 kit guarantees coverage of up to 300 square meters, with transfer rates of around 860 Mbits per second . These data place the product a little lower in performance when compared to other mesh kits on the market.

However, in favor of the product many aspects can be mentioned:

  • Elegant and discreet design of the nodes . They do not take up much space, they are light and they go unnoticed as decorative objects on a shelf or next to the router.
  • Simple and almost automatic configuration through the mobile application.
  • Parental control functions and management of connected devices through the app.
  • Stable and seamless network , even with multiple devices connected at the same time.
  • The problem of "dead spots" in large spaces is solved and Internet connection is guaranteed in all corners.

It could improve, as already mentioned, in network speed and range. Some mesh kits offer up to 400 square meters of WiFi coverage, compared to 300 square meters offered by the Tenda Nova MW3.

Price and availability


The Tenda Nova MW3 AC1200 Mesh kit is now available in Spain and can be purchased in two different modes:

  • Standard kit, with three nodes, for 100 euros .
  • Smaller kit, with only two nodes, for 90 euros . It is an interesting option if we do not need to cover such a large surface or if we do not have so many "dead spots" without connection.