How to put subtitles on a YouTube video that doesn't have them

put subtitles youtube video does not have them

For many years now, YouTube has had a powerful tool that not only allows you to add subtitles manually to a certain video, it is also capable of generating them automatically if the author so indicates. Unfortunately, most videos in English, Chinese and Japanese (the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world) do not have Spanish subtitles. For this reason we are forced to resort to third-party extensions and tools to put subtitles on a YouTube video that does not have them , and this time we will show how to proceed in each case.

Add subtitles to any YouTube video with Subtitles For YouTube

As its name suggests, Subtitles For YouTube is an extension for Google Chrome that allows us to add subtitles to any YouTube video manually even if it lacks them.

  • Download Sutbtiles For YouTube for Google Chrome

Once we have downloaded the tool, we will access YouTube to enter a video on the platform. Then we will be presented with a new interface like the one we can see just below this paragraph.

How to put subtitles on a YouTube video that doesn't have them 1

If we want to search for subtitles using Amara and OpenSubtitles, the two services the application uses, just enter the name of the video we are viewing so that the extension finds the relevant files. Finally, let's select the file in question and it will automatically be added to the native YouTube player.

It should be added that the tool will search for English subtitles by default. If we want to change the language to Spanish, we can do so by clicking on the Settings section , and more specifically on Subtitle Language. Within this same menu we will be indicated the different keyboard commands that we can apply to interact with the subtitles within the video: V to hide and show the subtitles, W and Q to increase and decrease their size and G and H to advance or delay its appearance.

youtube for subtitles

Do we prefer to opt for external subtitles? By clicking on Upload we can attach SRT files from the computer's browser or through a ZIP file.

How to put subtitles on YouTube for Android if you don't have them

YouTube for Android, along with Google Chrome, are two applications closed before the eyes of programmers. For this reason we are forced to resort to a third-party browser that allows us to add extensions , and therefore, external subtitles to YouTube videos.

  • Download Kiwi Browser for Android

Kiwi Browser is the browser that we will use on this occasion. Roughly, it is a modified version of Google Chrome for Android that allows us to install extensions of the aforementioned browser  as if it were a desktop browser.

put subtitles youtube mobile

After installing the browser on the phone, the process to follow to add the Subtitles For You Tube extension is the same as we have just indicated. Unfortunately, the possibility of adding subtitles is only available on the website , which means that we will not be able to use the official YouTube application or to put subtitles if the video does not have them. To do this, we will force the loading of desktop by clicking on the three Options points and selecting the option Website for computers .

Best pages to download subtitles in Latin Spanish and Castilian

There are many pages to download subtitles in the language of Cervantes. We leave you below with some of the best known:

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