10N elections: consult the electoral program of all the parties online

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The celebration of the next General Election of 2019 is just around the corner. The lack of agreement between the left-wing parties has led to new elections. A little over a month before November 10, the day on which the fourteenth elections to the Presidency of the Government will take place, the different political parties have already published their respective electoral programs for the November 10 elections . PP, PSOE, Podemos, VOX, Citizens, More Country, UPYD ... This time we have compiled all of them to consult online, either in PDF or through the official page of each party.

PP electoral program in PDF

Elections of the 10N: consult the electoral program of all the parties online 1

Pablo Casado's party once again replicates the PP program presented during the elections of April 28.

The program is in PDF, so we can view it in any browser or application compatible with this format.

  • Electoral program of the PP

VOX electoral program in PDF

Elections of the 10N: consult the electoral program of all the parties online 2

The ultra-right wing formation led by Santiago Abascal was one of the first political parties to present an electoral program in the April 28 elections.

This time the party replicates the program for the 10N Elections  without apparent changes. Again

  • VOX program

More Country electoral program online to download

The recently presented political formation formed by Íñigo Errejón and Rita Maestre does not yet have an electoral program . This was confirmed by Maestre in a live television interview.

No comment pic.twitter.com/YikQEWtRs0

- Silvia (@sgambarte) September 25, 2019

We will update the article as soon as the Más País program is public. Meanwhile, the website is accessible through the following link:

  • Official page of More Country

UPyD Program (PDF)

Union Progress and Democracy has returned in the form of badges; This was confirmed by the official account of the party on Twitter.

Given the situation of blockade that Spain is experiencing, we will seek the way in which we can be more useful to the Spanish.

Yesterday our Political Council approved to attend the next elections on November 10 and explore agreements with other political formations. pic.twitter.com/I1bLk82S6v

- UPYD (@UPYD) September 29, 2019

Unfortunately, the formation still does not have an electoral program . If we want to keep abreast of the party created by Rosa Díez, we can access the party's page for the electoral programs, encoded in PDF format.

  • Official page of UPyD electoral programs

Electoral program of the PSOE for November 10 (PDF)

10N elections: consult the electoral program of all the parties online 3

The Spanish Social Workers Party, led by Pedro Sánchez, the current acting President of the Government, uses the same program launched in April .

We can see it in PDF format from the official website of the PSOE if we scroll to the bottom of the page.

  • PSOE program

Podemos electoral program in PDF

Elections of the 10N: consult the electoral program of all the parties online 4

Unidos Podemos, a formation made up of Izquierda Unida, Podemos and Equo, is the political formation that offers the greatest number of possibilities when downloading the party's political program .

From the purple party website we can access the full program in Spanish, Basque, Catalan and Galician . We can also access a reduced version of the program where some of the most important measures of the game are summarized.

  • United We Can Program for the General Elections

Citizens political program in PDF

citizens logo

Albert Ribera, Inés Arrimadas and their team maintain the same electoral program for April. In this case, the orange party has 14 measures on its website that summarize the political training program for the November 10 elections.

If we want to download the complete program, we can do so by sliding to the bottom of the page, where we can find a PDF document with all the measurements .

  • Citizens electoral program

PACMA political program to download in PDF

The animalista party is another of the formations that, together with United We Can and Citizens, has a greater number of options as regards its electoral program .

In addition to having a series of measures that summarize your proposal, the program is available in three languages: Spanish, Catalan and Galician .

  • PACMA Program for General Elections

Electoral program of Worse We Will Not Do It (PNLH) by Risto Mejide

The well-known television presenter has confirmed his candidacy for President of the Government by founding the Peor No Lo Haremos party. At the moment, there is no PNLH website or electoral program for the 10N Elections , the only measures announced by Mejide are the following:

  • Full suspension of salary of deputies of Congress in a situation of government formation.
  • Elimination of life pensions for certain politicians.
  • Full refund of the amount owed in cases of corruption that affect the public sphere.
  • Free election of the members of the General Council of the Judicial Power by the judges instead of by the political parties.

We will update the article as soon as the official page of the party and the electoral program of Risto Mejide are made public.

Electoral program of ERC, PDeCat, JxCat, CUP and Comunes in PDF

Elections of the 10N: consult the electoral program of all the parties online 5

The formations of Catalan origin are still coming together to present common points in their electoral programs . At the moment the common program of the four main Catalan political parties is not known, so the only thing left is to resort to the pages of the different parties to keep up to date about the political proposals.

  • Official page of the electoral program of ERC (Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya)
  • Official page of the electoral program of JxCat (Junts Per Catalyuna
  • Official page of the electoral program of CUP (Popular Unity Candidacy)
  • Official page of the Communes electoral program (Catalunya En Comú)

In the case of PDeCat, the party has not yet published its program for the General Elections on November 10, although we can consult its website in Catalan:

  • Official page of the electoral program of PDeCat (Partit Democrata)