How to fix Netflix viewing problems with Vodafone

How to fix Netflix viewing problems with Vodafone

When Netflix arrived in Spain, many wondered if such a service would work in our country. Today, the streaming series and movies platform is so established among us that it is not uncommon for a spontaneous conversation to arise "because last night I saw a series on Netflix that is very cool." The service can be enjoyed on almost any device with an Internet connection and its catalog is only growing. However, Vodafone TV users often complain that the Netflix app is not working properly . Fortunately, the solution is (almost always) simple. Follow these instructions and you will be able to enjoy the second season of Stranger Things again. That we know you are looking forward to it.

Netflix not working with Vodafone? Apply the IT solution.

It is a recurring joke among people who use technology on a daily basis. The "IT solution" is something as simple as turning everything off and back on again . However, to fix the Netflix crash on Vodafone TV, some intermediate steps are necessary.

First, you will have before you a black screen with the message "Could not connect with Netflix" and three buttons that indicate the available options: Try again , More details or Exit . Select More details , and then click Sign out . Finally, access the Vodafone TV main menu, reopen the Netflix app and enter your username and password.

I can't watch Netflix on Vodafone

If you still can't watch Netflix, go back to More details - Sign out . Next, enter the main menu of the Vodafone decoder, open the Settings, click on Restart the device , and select Delete all to restore the factory settings of the device.

In case the application still does not connect, you have to get more drastic to solve the problem. After entering More details - Logout , turn off the TV, the Vodafone decoder and the router. Lastly, unplug everything for about 5 minutes . In this way, the decoder performs a hard reset. When you access Vodafone TV again, you will have to open the Netflix application and enter your username and password.

With this, you should be free to continue devouring Stranger Things, Narcos and The Walking Dead, and explore everything that the streaming service hides. However, the problem could happen again, in which case you would have to repeat the process that we have indicated. It is paradoxical that Netflix works so badly on Vodafone TV, since Vodafone itself played a fundamental role in the arrival of Netflix in Spain. Curiosities of life.