5 websites to download torrent files without installing programs

Bit torrent

Some people hear the word torrent and instantly associate it with a pair of tibias and a skull.  Others think it is the North American version of a film by Santiago Segura.  But the truth is that the torrent protocol is one of the most reliable and robust ways to share and distribute files . Torrent files contain the location of a certain file, and through a program (also called a "client") you access that location and start the download. But what if we don't want to installmore programs on our old computer, have we loaned the Xbox to a friend, or is our ISP blocking torrent traffic like hell? At tuexperto.com we propose five websites that allow you to download torrents without installing anything .

Do you think downloading torrents via the web is not worth it? That is because you have not stopped to think about it carefully. First, the files are stored in the cloud , something your battered hard drive will thank you with tears in its eyes. In this way, you can access them from anywhere and view or play them via streaming . In addition, the download, memory consumption and bandwidth are in charge of the web , so if you go on vacation to a campsite and feel the urgent need to download a Linux distribution in the light of the stars, with your mobile you will have more than enough. And when using a website as an intermediary,privacy and security get an extra guarantee . Now that the subject sounds much more interesting? Well, let's go there.


web torrent seedr

Seedr is a cute website that lets you download and share torrents for free . After confirming that we are human beings and not Skynet trying to dominate the world, he guides us through the page with a very clean and comfortable tutorial , and offers us a 2 GB storage for us to use as we want. We can paste the magnet link or the web address of the torrent that we want to download, or drag the .torrent file that we have previously downloaded from our computer . We don't have to keep the site open. We just have to start the download and we can go calmly, Seedr takes care of the rest. In addition, its streaming service allows you to view the file on other devices, such as Chromecast .

From Seedr we guarantee a constant analysis to prevent viruses and other undesirable things, and the peace of mind that no one will be able to snoop what we are downloading. The only limit we have is the 2 GB of our folder, but if we go to the payment option we will have 1 TB for ourselves. And they even have a free extension for the browser. Have you seen that smiling sun? If they are a love.


filestream torrent web

In Filestream they offer us a very similar service, although the file size we can store is limited to 300 MB , and they have kept it for us for a maximum of three days . These limitations disappear if we take advantage of one of their various Premium services, which they put on offer every two for three. They do not provide instructions for use, but the elegance of the web and the file management system are so clear that we will not need any help . All you have to do is enter the URL of the torrent file or magnet link and go ahead and run.

If the file has a good number of "seeders" (seeds, that is, users sharing), the download is done at a speed that we would like more than one at home. After downloading, we can open it by streaming or save it on our hard drive safely, anonymously and quickly. And the origami parrot is cute too.


Zbigz torrent web

ZbigZ is another website that allows you to download torrent files without any additional program. As in the previous pages, we only need to add the torrent URL or upload the Magnet link in your torrent bar , and the web will do the dirty work for us . However, the limits of free use of ZbigZ are set to invite us to create a paid account, and that is that the speed is limited to 150 KB / s . In addition, we are not going to get rid of having the computer turned on, since if we do not have the page open in the browser, there is no worth downloading.At the very least, the services on the page work on any device and operating system, and the maximum file size we can store for free is a generous GB .


bitport web torrent

Bitport moves in the same line as Seedr or ZbigZ . We sign up, take a look at our storage folder, enter the torrent address or the magnet link , and that's it. Bitport's free usage limits are fixed, but the full experience is only achieved by checking out. They put at our disposal 1 GB of storage (they previously offered 2 GB, but there is a very bad thing for everyone, boy), we can only download one download at a time and anonymity is guaranteed, although if we want state-of-the-art security, there will be no choice. than to acquire a payment account.

Bitport can be used as a storage space in the cloud, with which to enjoy the files through streaming. It works on any operating system and device with an Internet connection, and they offer support for Chromecast and Apple TV . They don't say anything about it working in that smart fridge you just bought, but it wouldn't be strange either. And they have a really lovely Spanish version . It is not translated with Google Translate but it lacks little. It is adorable.


web torrent offcloud

On Offcloud they are even more savvy. They put the honeys of the Premium user on your lips ... and then they snatch it from you, telling you that you only have the right to three uses a month . Of course, those three times they give you everything, so you can drool at ease and look askance at the statement of your bank account. Maximum speed , gigs and gigs of download and storage, bomb-proof security , remote access, compatibility with all types of platforms and sites (YouTube, Vimeo, YouPorn, Dropbox ...), and an etcetera of advantages that almost tickle the gut.

Extensions for Firefox and Chrome

There is another way to manage torrents without installing a download client: the browser . If your connection is more than decent, your computer only turns off when the power goes out, your hard drive has more than enough TB, or you are a person who enjoys life without haste, Firefox and Chrome have extensions capable of managing torrent files . Because if there is a program that we keep connected for hours and hours, it is the browser.

JSTorrent is an extension for Chrome that offers almost all the possibilities of a torrent download client . You can download simultaneous downloads, handle large files, pause and stop torrents at will ... It has an even more powerful version for just over two euros, but the free version is enough if we are content with a couple of simple limitations, or we want to try the extension before taking the credit card.

Firefox is not far behind. Torrent Tornado is an almost essential extension for those who prefer the Mozilla browser . It allows the association of torrent files and magnet links , it manages huge files without any difficulty, it is easy to use, it is configured in a couple of steps and best of all, it is free . It doesn't allow uploading files, but we're not going to get picky either, man.

You already have everything you need to download and distribute torrent files at your sole discretion, without the need to install any additional programs. You only have to choose one option, and… enjoy!