How to recover deleted playlists from Spotify

How to recover deleted playlists from Spotify

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming music services today. This is not by chance. It has a catalog of more than 30 million songs, an intuitive design and a very neat interface. Spotify has a monthly price of 10 euros. If you hire it, you have access to all the content without interruption, with the possibility of creating your own playlists to listen to them at any time.

You can have a playlist for every occasion. For example, one with relaxing music, another with current rock, heavy or pop music. Whatever you prefer. The problem is when one suddenly disappears. It may have happened to you. One day you are going to get hold of your favorite playlist and you realize that you have deleted it by mistake. Is it possible to recover it even if it has been deleted? The answer is yes. Here's how to do it.

Recover your deleted playlists

Spotify creates backup copies of your playlists automatically, so it is very easy to recover them. If you have accidentally deleted one, you just have to log into your account and go to Recover playlists . You will see this option in the menu that appears on the left.


Once inside, you will see a list with all the playlists you have deleted and the date you did it. In case you don't remember which one you want to recover, the name of the playlist and the songs it contained are also displayed. Bringing him back to life is so easy with a tap on Recover.

Spotify 2

Still not showing up?

It is likely that after doing this you will return to your playlists and still do not have it available. In this case, check that you are logged into the account where you created that list. Keep in mind that if you can't find your Spotify account, or if you're not even sure you have one, you can try different methods to find it.

Enter one of the email addresses that you usually use on the Spotify page to reset the password. The service will tell you if there is a Spotify account associated with that address. On the other hand, also look for Spotify emails in your inbox or spam folder. If you find one, it is very possible that you have an account that is related to that email address. If you don't know what the account password is, feel free to reset it and log in using your email address and the new pass.

Retrieve a playlist with keyboard shortcuts

Finally, there is a very quick method to recover a playlist that you just deleted. Imagine that you are moving within Spotify through the different options that it has and you accidentally give it to delete a playlist. With the keyboard shortcuts you can recover it immediately. You just have to press the following keys depending on whether you are on Mac or Windows:

  • Command + Z (on Mac)
  • Ctrl + Shift + Z (on Windows)

Of course, it may happen that after having put these methods into practice, none of them have worked for you and you still haven't recovered your favorite playlist. At this point we advise you to contact Spotify technical support and tell them about the problem. They may give you a more effective solution. However, to bad ones you can always start from scratch and create an even better one than you had.