How to watch The Simpsons on Disney + in its original format

How to watch The Simpsons on Disney + in its original format

If you are a Disney + user, you have probably already felt The Simpsons  to relive some of its legendary chapters. The Fox series is complete on this streaming service. Or almost complete, because if you had not noticed, the image is cut at the bottom. Yes. The series you are watching is not the original, but has been adapted to the 16: 9 format of current televisions, having to eliminate part of the content to take advantage of the width of the television. Something that many users have denounced and that, finally, changes on this platform.

We are in luck! 🎉💥The Simpsons episodes in the original 4: 3 format are now available on #DisneyPlus

- Disney + Spain (@DisneyPlusES) May 29, 2020

Disney itself has announced it through its Twitter account, where it celebrates the arrival of the 4: 3 format for The Simpsons . This is the squarer ratio that classic televisions had. Those with cathode tubes and outward curved screens. Do not forget that The Simpsons is a series from 1989, and at that time this type of television was carried, and not panoramic ones.

New format settings on Disney +

Not only has a version of The Simpsons been introduced on Disney + that respects the 4: 3 format to display the entire image, but it has to be activated manually. This way you will recover those portions of the image that are left out of the television.

format settings

Of course, these settings are currently only available in the Smart TV application and in the web version of Disney + . At least in our testing, we haven't found the option in the mobile app.

Just go to the information screen of the Simpsons series. Here, in addition to all the seasons and suggestions for similar content, you will also find the Details tab . Click on it to find a selection button that allows you to check or uncheck the Remastered Aspect Ratio option . A notification will inform you if you have chosen the original version of the format or the adapted one. And voila, you can start playing any chapter in a more square format.

In exchange for being able to see the entire original image, vertical black stripes appear on the sides of the series. It is the price that must be paid to be able to see the image in this format. We will not take advantage of all the inches of our television or monitor, but we will see all the content of this great series.