The best YouTube channels to watch concerts and performances in Full HD


In summer, festivals in Spain grow like mushrooms in humid environments. And there is such an option, and the prices are sometimes so high that they ask at the entrance, that sometimes it is a good option to stay at home and watch the concerts in the comfort of your living room. Not to mention the prices of the drinks, the sweaty and oppressive crowds and that, if you are not of considerable stature, you end up seeing the artist on a giant screen several meters away.

Fortunately, we have YouTube to enjoy full concerts and performances by our favorite artists. We have selected for you the 10 best channels where you can enjoy live shows by artists from around the world, so you can enjoy the ones you already know and discover a whole new world of unknown songs. Prepare a soda and hit play, the holidays have just begun.

Channels of concerts and performances to follow on YouTube

BBC Radio 1

British public radio has a YouTube channel where you can see live performances by well-known artists such as Bastille, Two Door Cinema Club, Twenty One Pilots or Vampire Weekend. Performances are recorded in BBC Radio 1's own studios and result in flawless sounding performances. The most curious thing about the channel is that many of the artists cover hits by other artists, almost always contemporary.


One of the digital publications that revolve around today's most important music has its own channel to offer musical performances and even full concerts by independent artists such as Beach House, Perfume Genius, Sigur Ros, Slowdive or the one below. We enclose, from the synthpop group Future Islands. Of course, you can see all the concerts on FullHD.


As with Great Britain, the United States has its own public radio, called NPR. And it also has a YouTube channel where we can see numerous musical performances and even proposals as strange and out of the ordinary as this concert performed by… Sesame Street!

Jazz Night in America

Radio belonging to NPR and focused on jazz music. On this YouTube channel, music lovers can enjoy full high definition jazz shows , such as this one by the maestro Chick Corea.


Public radio station located in the state of Seattle, a place with so much musical tradition that he could not miss the opportunity to have his own channel of performances and concerts. Very similar in format to the BBC Radio 1 channel and it is a suitable channel to discover new bands and thus expand our musical tastes.

Triple j

Like the BBC Radio 1 channel, Australian radio Triple J has focused its concert and performance channel on musical versions . For example, we have Aurora, a Norwegian singer, covering the timeless Beatles classic, 'Across the Universe'.

Boiler room

If you are a lover of electronic music, more specifically DJ sessions , you can have your own party at home with the Boiler Room channel. It was founded in London in 2010 and is specialized in transmitting DJ sessions from all over the world, managing to have its own brand with multitudinous shows that are highly appreciated by the techno and derivatives-loving community. And also it does not stick to pure electronics, opening its styles to hip hop or trap, not even to performances, offering documentaries as interesting as this one about the Palestinian underground scene (don't forget to activate the subtitles).

Radio 3 Extra

Now we are going to the Spanish national radio, specifically its channel dedicated to independent music, Radio 3. In Radio 3 Extra we will find a multitude of concerts by national artists as important to the indie scene as La Casa Azul, Novedades Carminha or Rocío Márquez.


Another YouTube channel belonging to a public radio, this time the one belonging to Los Angeles. It broadcasts from the Santa Monica College campus. Within its video section you can find a huge variety of styles and genres , suitable for almost any taste. The best thing to do is to randomly play the videos and be carried away by the surprise that these musical performances hide.

The Blogothèque

More than a decade ago, La Blogotèque embarked on a project dedicated to transmitting the passion for music that most filled them, vibrating with a selection of performances in unexpected places. The concept, of course, has evolved a lot until finding the current Blogotéque, with the passion for music intact.

Christian tierney

On the personal channel of Dublin director Christian Tierney, founded when he was only 15 years old. Seven have passed since then and Tierney is still looking for the group with the perfect song to illustrate his channel, making high-quality and intimate videos that reveal the most personal side of the artists.

3ème Gauche

Like La Blogotèque, this music channel of French origin brings together musical groups in fantastic settings and they usually give their best in acoustic version. As always, it is appropriate to get carried away and click on the videos, whether or not we know the protagonists of them. Who knows if the new musical sensation of your year is not hidden behind any of them.

The Red Van

It has been a long time since they have uploaded new videos, but the ones that exist are very enjoyable for any self-respecting music lover. And it is that in La Red Van they did not hesitate to put the bands inside a van and make them play their songs. In such a small environment the result can sometimes be surprising.

Our Vinyl

And we finished the tour of YouTube channels to see concerts and performances with 'Our Vinyl' and their intimate performances in unsuspected places, like this one we share with you. It is the group The Dip, a soul band that did not hesitate to perform their best songs in a motel in Nashville .