9 tricks to get the most out of the Mi Smart Band 4

9 tricks to get the most out of the Mi Smart Band 4

The new Xiaomi activity bracelet can now be purchased in Spain. It is the largest renewal of its Mi Band range to the point of having even changed its name. Now, when we ask for it in the store, we must say 'My Smart Band 4'. And this name change is accompanied by a noticeable jump because, for example, we now have a color screen in addition to other interesting news. Are you interested in acquiring and testing the new Xiomi Mi Smart Band 4? Do you already have it and want to know everything about its tricks and settings? Well, do not lose detail because, below, we are going to reveal everything to you in great detail.

These are the best tricks for the Mi Smart Band 4

Sort the items on the screen

The different elements that you see on the Smart Band screen can be rearranged to your liking. For example, if you are interested in that just unlocking the time appears, or put the pulse reader in preferential order ... To order everything that appears on your activity bracelet you must first have synchronized it with the Mi Fit application, which you can download from this link. Once you have it conveniently linked, we are going to carry out the following steps.

reorder items mi band 4

Within the main screen of the application, at the bottom, we enter the 'Profile' section.

In 'My devices' we enter 'My Smart Band 4'

We scroll down until we find the section 'Screen settings'

reorder elements mi band 4 02

Within this screen you will see all the elements that the Mi Smart Band 4 is made of. Sort them according to your preference, by holding down the section in the three-striped part of the menu and raising or lowering it. If you don't want an element to appear, you can drag it to the 'hidden elements' area.

Change the look of the bracelet

You have to take advantage of the fact that the screen of our Mi Smart Band 4 is colored and see which home screen suits you best. For the first time in the history of the Mi Bands we can have at our disposal a large catalog of screens designed so that we can download the one we like the most and place it at the beginning to see the time, date and more. On the watch itself we have, at our disposal, up to four different screens: three come directly installed and a fourth can be downloaded from the Mi Fit application.

bracelet displays

To see all the screens that we have available we go to our bracelet and slide, once, down, thus reaching the end of all the options of the band. We click on 'More', then on 'Screen' and select the one we like the most by clicking on it. To see the available screens in 'My Fit' we go to the application, 'Profile', 'My Smart Band 4' and finally, ' Bracelet screen settings '. This new screen is divided into two: Bracelet screens and My bracelet screens. All the ones you download and install on your bracelet will be stored in this second tab. But remember, the bracelet only admits four inside its storage (three of them will always be the same and only one the one that you add) so, when you put one, the other will disappear.

Leave your mobile at home and go for a run

In the previous versions of the Mi Band we depended on the mobile to start a sports activity so we could not disconnect from the apparatus even in our running sessions. Now it is possible thanks to the fact that the Mi Smart Band 4 allows you to start the exercises, directly, from the Mi Band. To do this we just have to go to the 'Training' section and start the one you want and it is displayed on the screen. Of course, you will not be able to have a location tracking since the band does not have GPS. Yet.

Customize notifications vibrations

Do you prefer to have a personalized vibration for when the Mi Smart Band 4 alerts you that a WhatsApp or any other notification has arrived? Issue resolved. It is a pity that there is no possibility of assigning your own vibration to certain applications but to all of them ... hopefully they will correct it in subsequent updates.

set vibration

To customize the vibration we are going to go back to the Mi Fit application and in the 'Application alerts' section we click on 'Vibration'. We look at the bottom of the screen, click on 'Add' and now, in the drawing of the Mi Band that appears, we are pressing in the same way that we would like the vibration to be. When you finish the pattern, click on stop and that's it, so when you receive notifications it will vibrate as you have indicated.

Control your music from the Mi Smart Band 4

Yes, from this version of the bracelet we will be able to pause, skip the song and raise and lower the volume of our mobile. And best of all, it is compatible with services such as YouTube or Spotify. And you don't have to do anything, just play something from those apps and then go to the bracelet. With a single gesture to the right you will see the playback screen. Above you can raise and lower the volume, pause and fast-forward the song. Another reason why the jump from the Mi Band 3 to this Mi Smart Band 4 is worth it.

Set several alarms on the Mi Band ... and choose one on the bracelet

We are going to teach you how to put several alarms on the Mi Smart Band and then be able to choose the one that suits you best from the same bracelet, another of the novelties that this new activity bracelet of the Chinese brand presents.

Let's open the Mi Fit application. In the 'Alarm' section we are going to place all the warnings that we want by clicking on 'Add'. You can also edit the alarms that you already have configured as well as the vibration to wake up.

alarm my band 4

Then, if you have set more than one alarm, on the bracelet you can choose which one you want to sound, without depending on the mobile. To do this, we are going to go to the bracelet, then we go to 'More' and in 'Alarm' we choose the alarm we want, by clicking on the little circle that appears next to the time.

Increase (or decrease) screen brightness

Yes, the Mi Band has always been one of the best value-for-money alternatives when buying an activity band. And it is also true that, in broad daylight, it practically became a useless object, or with the sole use of adorning the doll. With the new version this is over and, now, under full sunlight we can use it perfectly. At least if we increase the brightness of the screen to the maximum. How do we do this? Very easy.

shine mi band 4

We are going to go to the bracelet, we scroll on the screen until we reach the 'More' section and, here, we look for where it reads 'Settings'.

Within the 'Settings' we go to the first option, 'Brightness'. In this screen we have a column with several rows. By touching on them we will increase or decrease the brightness. I recommend leaving it at number 4 but if this is not enough, going up to the maximum will suffice.

Activate the 'Do not disturb' mode

This is, perhaps, one of the novelties that I liked the least in this new Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4. In previous versions, in the Mi Fit application, the user could activate the 'Do not disturb' mode, schedule it for certain hours or leave it to activate when it detects that we were asleep. On this occasion, that option has disappeared and now we have the 'Do Not Disturb' mode within the options of the Mi Band itself, disappearing along the way the option to schedule a time so that notifications do not bother you. So you can deactivate them when entering the settings or let the system do it when it detects that you are asleep. Well, what happens with that passage of time in which it is already night, you have not yet gone to sleep,but you don't want to receive notifications on the bracelet? Well, we can no longer configure it, having to disable notifications by hand.

do not disturb my band 4

If we still want to know where the ' Do not disturb' mode is , we are going to go to the activity bracelet, 'More' section and enter the moon icon. Here we see three sections:

  • Activate
  • Automatic activation
  • Disable do not disturb

With the first one, we activate the 'Do not disturb' mode until we manually activate it again; with the second option the band will guess when we fall asleep to activate it automatically; with the third we deactivate it.

Track your heart rate throughout the day

With this option we are going to reduce the autonomy of our Mi Smart Band 4 a lot but I think it is something that is worth it, especially if you are interested in how your heart rate varies at the end of the day. What the bracelet will do with this function activated is that from time to time it will measure your pulsations by making a graph with results as interesting as the minimum and maximum frequency. We can configure it in ' Profile', 'Mi Band 4', 'Heart rate detection' .

heart rate detection mi band 4

The band has three ways to measure your heart rate:

  • Automatic heart rate detection: every 1, 5, 10 or 30 minutes the band will check your pulse
  • Sleep assistant: while you sleep, the band will get your heartbeats more accurately
  • Automatic heart rate and heart rate detection: the most complete monitoring of your pulsations. This is the option that consumes the most battery of all.

I leave you with a screenshot so that you can see the graph of monitoring the pulsations that the Mi Band performs when the first option is selected. We can see our minimum, maximum, average heart rate, how long we have maintained a relaxed, light and even intensive rhythmic rate. We can also see the hours when our effort has been most intense .

Also, in this option we can tell the application to detect when we are exercising so that it can manually perform pulse detection. So we can track our heart rate in real time to lose weight efficiently, for example.