How to find out who unfollowed you on Twitter

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Social networks can be treacherous or create a certain obsession. When someone starts to lose followers on Twitter , especially if it happens suddenly, sometimes they start to worry and are curious to know what has happened or which accounts have unfollowed them.

There are several applications, very effective and with useful free versions, that allow you to know which users have stopped following your account. Here we detail and explain some very effective ones in detail.

At the time, back in 2013, Twitter tried to do something along these lines with the user MR UNFOLLOWR  but it was not very effective. The idea was that of a tool from the Twitter company itself , which as a user would allow it to be known via email if someone had stopped following you. To do this, you just had to enter the account. Although the idea was good, it did not come to fruition at all, but fortunately other great tools arrived that more than fulfill this function.

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Very easy to use. In the Sign in tab we insert our Twitter username and instantly discover a board with various options on how many users and which of them have recently unfollowed us . In addition, as a very useful complement, there is a connections tab (called Connections ) that shows a list of all users who are not following us back. It also offers a history with all the users who unfollowed our account in recent times. If the user wishes, they can opt for the “Pro” version, which is paid and offers more complementary content.



Formerly known at the popular level as SocialBro until a few months ago, when it changed its nomenclature, with Audiense the user only needs to synchronize his Twitter account with this tool to know at the moment who stopped following him. List all your followers, those who do not follow you and those who are most active on the network through a very simple graph. Allows a free version of registration for up to 14 days.



One of its greatest virtues lies in its very easy use. The user should only allow their Twitter account to synchronize their data and read their chronology, to discover new followers and those who no longer follow them. Very fast and intuitive.



It allows the user to register via Twitter (or also through Pinterest ) and see for free all users who follow us and we do not follow (and vice versa, that is, all those who do not follow us but we do follow them on both social networks) . In addition, it classifies all our followers at a glance based on whether their accounts are verified or whether they are protected, if they were.

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As a final complement, it is important to highlight this application that has double functionality. Its use allows us to know which of the users that we follow have stopped updating their status according to the days that we ourselves choose. Thus, we can find which of our users have not tweeted for months, weeks or days. Also if they follow us or not. In this way, many accounts that are already inactive are located that can be stopped at once.