▷ 9 alternatives to Airbnb to rent tourist apartments this summer

Airbnb officially acquires HotelTonight

Summer is just around the corner, and with it, the vacation we have been waiting for so long since the beginning of the year. The first name that comes to mind when renting a tourist apartment is Airbnb. Currently the platform based in San Francisco is one of the best sites to rent rooms and apartments for tourism purposes. The good thing is that there are many alternatives to Airbnb to rent not only apartments and rooms , but also apartments and hotels with personalized offers.

A few days ago we saw five cooling bases for laptops. Weeks ago we showed you ten gadgets and tricks to take your mobile to the beach this summer. This time we have made a compilation of the best alternatives to Airbnb to rent flats during the summer.


booking alternatives to airbnb

In addition to hotels and hostels, Booking has an offer of more than 6 million houses, apartments and, in general, tourist apartments for rent during the summer located in more than 220 different countries.

With a system very similar to that of Airbnb, we can take advantage of the advantages of being Gold or Silver users to obtain even better prices than on other platforms.


homeaway alternative to airbnb

Surely the best alternative to Airbnb to rent vacation apartments. With an interface very similar to that of Airbnb , it has a multitude of filters that allow us to classify the results by parameters such as the type of house (studio, rural house, apartment ...), the number of guests and extras such as the presence of public or private swimming pools.

Regarding the number of ads and the price of accommodation, HomeAway has nothing to envy other alternatives .


homestay alternative to airbnb

With a very different philosophy from the rest of the vacation apartment rental pages, Homestay is a platform whose operation is based on the rental of houses with shared stay with the owners of the house , in such a way that the rental price is significantly lower than other Airbnb alternatives.

In addition to vacation rentals, we can find offers for work stays, studies or temporary transfers . Currently the Homestay offer amounts to more than 33,000 homes in more than 160 countries.


house trip alternatives to airbnb

Page owned by the famous TripAdvisor website, the operation of Housetrip is practically identical to that of Airbnb. The advantage of being subject to the authorship of TripAvisor is based on the veracity of the opinions of the different users , having the same rating system as the latter.

It does not have a very large number of ads, especially if we compare the web with other alternatives. The good thing is that we have payment insurance in case of any problem related to the stay.


kidandcoe alternative to airbnb

As the name suggests, Kidandcoe is a page in English for vacation apartment rentals with special attention to families with children . Its authors, in fact, claim to have visited each of the rooms advertised on the web to verify that the housing conditions are suitable for the stay of minors.

This is the reason why the number of available listings has nothing to do with that of the rest of the alternatives to Airbnb. Currently we can find flats in cities like Barcelona, ​​London, Amsterdam, New York, Paris and a long etcetera. The price, of course, is significantly higher than that of the rest of the pages , as they are homes adapted to families.


flipkey alternative to airbnb

Page that like Housetrip, belongs to TripAvisor. As far as characteristics are concerned, the portal does not have any apparent difference with Housetrip , beyond being a website whose sole and main language is English. Otherwise, FlipKey is a page identical to the latter.

Comment system based on TripAdvisor, a multitude of destinations based on houses, flats and apartments and more than 300,000 rentals available for this summer .


wimdu alternative to airbnb

Recently popularized, Wimdu currently has more than 350,000 vacation apartment rentals .

Today it is one of the cheapest alternatives to Airbnb, with prices that are close to 15 euros per night and guest in cities such as Barcelona or Madrid , according to the platform itself.

Otherwise, the website has the same functions as the rest of the portals for renting flats during the summer. As an option to highlight, Wimdu has homes ranging from boats, campsites and castles to shared rooms, private rooms and “Bed and Breakfast” accommodations .


hotdogholidays alternative to airbnb

Although it is not a page exclusively dedicated to vacation rentals by individuals, HotDogHolidays focuses its catalog on stays that allow dogs, cats, and in general, pets among its guests .

As far as the number of offers is concerned, the page announces that it has more than 270,000 hotels, rural houses, holiday apartments and apartments , with stays in the most touristic countries of the world. Spain, France, Italy, United States, Denmark, Netherlands, United Kingdom ...


couchsurfing alternative to airbnb

We reached the end with Couchsurfing, a website with which we will not have to pay absolutely anything to find accommodation .

With a philosophy similar to that of Homestay, Couchsurfing is a platform for the “exchange of experiences and cultures” where many hosts offer their homes to share their stay with other guests in exchange for sharing experiences and cultures.

Is it reliable? Its users affirm that they are through the rating system that the website has. It should also be added that the "surfers" will have to adapt to the limitations imposed by the homeowner, such as the hours or the ways to access the house. Of course, guests will have to take care of their own food .