WinZip 16, Features and WinZip Download Link

WinZip 16, Features and WinZip 1 Download Link

WinZip is one of the most popular programs for compressing and decompressing files in a wide variety of formats ( Zip and the most advanced Zipx being our own ). In recent years it has been losing positions compared to other compression programs, such as the popular WinRAR . The latest version of WinZip can be tested for free for a period of 45 days , after which it has to buy at a price of 30 euros .

The latest version of WinZip 16 includes a number of enhancements, including a powerful enhancement to the compression engine for 64-bit systems that reduces compression times. Another novelty is a plugin that allows us to send files by email in a simple and large (up to 2 GB ), through a download link. It also includes ZipShare , which allows us to compress files and share them on the Facebook social network , with a maximum size of 20 MB per file , as well as a tool to scan and diagnose computer performance problems.

WinZip 16, Features and WinZip 2 Download Link

WinZip is a basic tool for Internet users, since it is common for files uploaded to the network to be compressed and divided into parts for greater ease when downloading or uploading files, apart from taking up less space. We also have the option of installing WinZip Courier , which automatically compresses the files that we want to send within an email , with the option of encrypting them for greater security using a password. WinZip supports numerous compression formats such as Zip, Zipx, RAR, 7Z, LHA, BZ2, CAB, IMG, or ISO, although it only allows compression such as Zip, Zipx and LHA.

It has an easy-to-use interface with a wide variety of options, such as different compression methods from higher speed to maximum compression , as well as the option of dividing our files into parts. One of the drawbacks compared to other compression programs is that the download occupies 52.6 MB, compared to 1.56 MB for WinRar , one of its main competitors. WinZip also allows you to encrypt your files in 256-bit AES for greater data security. This program is available (for now, only in English ) at a price of 30 euros.