How to download songs from SoundCloud to MP3

How to download songs from SoundCloud to MP3

If you are a music lover you surely know SoundCloud. This platform allows authors to upload their productions and share them so that everyone knows their creations. But it not only acts as a music distribution platform, it also allows users to access and stream the finished tracks of other artists for free. It is especially interesting in the case of wanting to discover new music, especially in regards to electronics, deep house or dance.

It is possible that as you listen to new music you want to download it to your PC via MP3 to later listen to it on other devices. Or maybe save themes to your own Android phone. There are different ways to do it, through pages, extensions or applications. Next, we explain all the methods that you have at your fingertips so that you can store all the music you choose from SoundCloud in a simple and fast way.

Download SoundCloud music in MP3 via web

One of the ways you have to download music from SoundCloud and save it as an Mp3 file on your computer is by using a website. One of these pages is You just have to enter, paste the link of the SoundCloud theme in the blank box, and click on “Download” . Of course, previously you need to log in or register with SoundCloud. You can do it through Google or Facebook.


To start downloading the theme in mp3, you just have to click the Download button. In any case, if the download doesn't start immediately, right-click and select the Save link as option. It really is a quick process that doesn't take any time . You will have the streaming converted to MP3 in a matter of seconds.

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Download SoundCloud songs from Android

If you have an Android device and you want to save songs from SoundCloud directly, you can use an application called SnapTube. To begin with, when you download this app you will have to run the APK file. A message may appear stating the following: "Your device is set to block the installation of applications from unknown sources." To solve this, click on Settings and enable the Unknown sources tab to allow the installation of the app.

Next, go to the Downloads icon and run and install this APK. Once the SnapTube app and the SoundCloud app are available on your mobile, open the latter and log in (you can do it with Facebook or Google to make it faster). Then select the playlist you want and the track you want to save. Click on the icon that appears right next to the heart shape and click on "Download with SnapTube." Once downloaded, you can listen to the songs from your music application.


Keep in mind that the application saves the song with the internal name of SoundCloud, which are usually numbers with letters. The best thing is that you rename it to put the exact title of the song, for example "Radion6 - Cycle Of Life". In this way, later you can locate it much better when you already have hundreds of songs stored.

Use an extension

Another way to save SoundCloud songs to Mp3 on your computer is through a browser extension. This way is perhaps the simplest of all and the fastest. In Firefox, for example, you can use SoundCloud Downloader. You just have to add it to Firefox. Once you do, you will see a download button on each of the tracks hosted on SoundCloud that will allow you to download them. Therefore, open SoundCloud, select the song you want to download and click on the SCDL (Download) button that appears next to “More”.


If you use Chrome you can use SoundCloud Downloader Free. It works a lot like the Firefox extension. That is, once you add it in the browser: Add to Chrome> Add extension, go to SoundCloud and find the song you want to download. Next, click on the Download button next to “More”.