How to cook healthy with the new LG microwaves

How to cook healthy with the new LG microwaves

Let's face it, there are many of us who have the microwave simply to heat the milk or the plate that we had left the day before. But, did you know that with the microwave we can cook a multitude of dishes? And now, with LG's new microwaves, we can do it in a totally healthy way. LG Smart Inverter microwaves combine the functions of Oven, microwave, grill and multifunction to offer us the possibility of making practically any dish that comes to mind .

LG's new microwaves feature Smart Inverter technology to cook evenly. In addition, they are capable of cooking 1.6 times faster while saving energy. With them we can bake, gratin, cook at a low temperature, roast, fry and even steam. In short, a new series of microwaves that comes to show us that it is also possible to cook all kinds of dishes with these great outcasts of the kitchen. We tell you better about its characteristics and how they help us cook faster and healthier .

Smart Inverter Technology

LG calls its new microwaves "Microwaves" because they do much more than just heat milk. They are an evolution of the conventional microwave with which we can cook countless dishes in a healthier, faster and easier way . And all this thanks to LG Smart Inverter technology.

how to cook healthy with the new LG Smart Inverter microwaves

What is this technology about? Smart Inverter allows faster, more powerful and even defrosting, heating and cooking . This way, it is possible to maintain the flavor and nutrients of all our dishes.

This technology is able to precisely regulate the cooking power to cook a wide variety of dishes that cannot be cooked in a conventional microwave. In addition, Smart Inverter allows us to defrost food evenly. This way we avoid that they cook at the ends and remain frozen inside. The same happens when heating or cooking a dish, since it does so evenly thanks to a more precise temperature control.

how to cook healthy with the new LG microwave cooker fast

And not only that, the Smart Inverter technology, together with the great power of the new LG microwaves, allows us to cook much faster. According to tests, the LG Smart Inverters cook 1.6 times faster when using direct current with an uninterrupted flow of power. This allows us to save up to 28% of electricity since they reach a power of 1,100W and there are no temperature deviations during cooking.

Cook keeping the flavor and nutrients

The new LG Smart Inverter microwaves have several functionalities. In addition to baking and heating, they allow evenly gratin the food. The flavor and nutrients are thus maintained, as the Smart Inverter technology prevents overheating and the destruction of cells .

lg microwave

In addition, the new LG microwaves are the only ones that have a charcoal grill (Infrared Heating) . It uses a revolutionary carbon filament that emits strong infrared heat that penetrates food faster and deeper. Thus, a crispy result is achieved on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Grill temperature variations and active convection offer us different ways of cooking. With the new LG microwaves we can defrost, bake, gratin, fry and even ferment to make yogurt .

In addition, they come equipped with various accessories. For example, the Steam Chef accessory features a stainless steel lid that allows the boiling water in the base to steam dishes in a healthy way. On the other hand, the Crispy plate allows you to grill and fry food in a healthier way, since it is capable of reducing up to 72% of the fat in the dishes.

In short, a new series of microwaves designed to help us in the kitchen. The new LG Smart Inverter range has 3 models available, in steel black, silver and black .