Philips BT6060W, we tested this wireless speaker

Philips BT6060W

The Philips BT6060W is a wireless speaker designed to take anywhere. This one pound device has an elegant silver and white design and stands upright. This position makes it easy for sound to travel in all directions, with a total power output of 14 W through the use of two speakers and two passive radiators. To function, this equipment uses the Bluetooth connection . In addition, it also includes NFC technology that facilitates the synchronization of the audio from a smartphone or a tablet through touch. All this with a remarkable autonomy of eight hours of audio playbackto hold a full party or an afternoon in the country. At the moment, we do not have a launch date and price for this model, but we have already had the opportunity to test it in depth. We tell you our impressions.

Philips BT6060W

Stylish, splash-resistant design

The Philips loudspeaker is immediately striking due to its design. This device arrives with a cylindrical body with a band blank which divides the area of the speakers on both sides and also includes a button to synchronize the device via Bluetooth . In addition, at one end there is a wheel that is used to turn the speaker on and off and also to lower and raise the volume. Within the speaker area itself we have a small white rectangular plate with the Philips logoembossed silver and two LED indicators on the opposite end. One of these LED indicators is used to mark that we are charging the equipment and the other in blue is designed so that we know when the speaker is synchronized (fixed blue light) or when it is waiting for synchronization with a device (blue light flashing ).

This model is designed to be placed in a vertical position thanks to its circular base at one end. This base hides a rubber tab that when opened allows access to the connectors to carry out the charging of the speaker (a MicroUSB port ) and for digital audio input . The Philips BT6060W is prepared to withstand splashes and rain without causing any damage, a guarantee to take this model on our visits to the field or the beach. The overall dimensions of this model are placed in the 18.8 x 7.1 x 7 cm , with a weight below the kilo means ( 490 grams). This makes it very easy to handle the speaker and hold it in your hand or transport it in a backpack.

Philips BT6060W

Omni-directional sound

As we anticipated before, one of the keys to this speaker is its cylindrical design with speakers that favor sound dispersion in all directions. The Philips BT6060W includes a pair of speakers rated at 7 W for a total power of 14 W. In addition, two other passive radiators help create a deeper sound. The truth is that both the audio quality and the bass performance have seemed quite good, as well as enough power for the music to reach all corners of the room. Of course, when you place the volume at the highest levels, the vibration is very noticeable (something normal in a speaker of a compact size).

To function, the BT6060W uses the Bluetooth protocol and is compatible with the A2DP, AVRCP and HFP profiles  . There are three different ways to start the speaker. On the one hand, we can connect it directly to a Bluetooth compatible device through the "Pairing" button . On the device you have to activate the Bluetooth functionality and wait until you find the Philips speaker. It is a simple process that usually takes no more than a couple of minutes at the most. However, if what we want is to connect it practically immediately, we can use its NFC functionality. In this case, we will have to have a compatible smartphone or tablet. After activating the NFC connectivity, the speaker is touched with the mobile device right in the place where the NFC logo is located (to the left of the button to synchronize Bluetooth). In a matter of a couple of seconds we should experience how the audio of the mobile or tablet begins to sound. Finally, we can take advantage of the audio input that is hidden under the circular base of the speaker.

Philips BT6060W

Hands-free function and autonomy

Another feature that Philips wanted to highlight is the ability for its wireless speaker to function as a hands-free . When we have the speaker synchronized with the smartphone and we receive a call, we can answer directly on the Philips device . To do this, all you have to do is press the button that is used to synchronize devices via Bluetooth and that has a small icon in the shape of a telephone headset. Thanks to the microphone built into the speaker, we can have a conversation without problems. In general, we have found that the performance of this tool is very acceptable and meets what is expected. Of course, we still find it more comfortable and functional to use the mobile device directly.

As for the autonomy of the Philips BT6060W , according to the official data of the company, the audio playback time without being connected to the network reaches a maximum time of 8 hours. Our experience with the loudspeaker has come close to these figures. Without a doubt, a guarantee to endure most of a party or a trip to the country or the beach.

Philips BT6060W


At the moment we do not know the price or the date of departure of this speaker in Spain. In short, the Philips BT6060W has a very interesting set of features. On the one hand, it achieves good audio quality and power that is distributed omnidirectionally thanks to its cylindrical design. Its compact and lightweight format makes it easy to transport anywhere in your backpack or bag. In addition, the use of NFC technology favors its fast synchronization with any compatible smartphone or tablet. A very interesting option for users looking for a versatile and good quality equipment.

Philips BT6060W

Philips BT6060W

ModelPhilips BT6060W


Dimensions18.8 x 7 x 7.1 cm
Weight490 grams
ColorsWhite / Silver


SettingTwo 7W speakers
Output power14 W

Connections and hands-free 

BluetoothYes, A2DP, AVRCP, HFP profiles
Free handsCall answering function with built-in microphone
Analog input3.5 mm minijack


Duration in use8 hours

+ info

Release dateTo confirm
Manufacturer's websitePhilips

Price to be confirmed