Spotify Wrapped 2018, how to see the songs you have listened to the most

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Every year Spotify launches its particular Spotify Wrapped tool. Thanks to this, we can see a statistic in hours and reproductions of all the songs, artists, albums and genres that we have listened for a whole year in a very visual way. In 2017 the application already launched the aforementioned tool at this time, and it was today when it launched Spotify Wrapped 2018 to see the statistics of our profile from the beginning of 2018 until now . As is usual, the website in question is enabled for a few weeks. It will then be disabled until the next edition of Wrapped in 2019.

Spotify Wrapped 2018, so you can see what you have listened to during this 2018

The Spotify Wrapped page finally opens the new 2018 edition. For a month we will be able to see the songs that we have listened to the most during a whole year, as well as albums, genres and artists, among other information of interest. The way to access the page is very simple.

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The first thing we must do is access the homonymous website through this link and register with our Spotify account using the Connect with Spotify button. As it is a website owned by Spotify, we will not have to worry about its security. We can do it both from the mobile phone and from a computer or tablet .

Once we have entered our email and password, the web will begin to show us through nine cards the songs, artists and albums most played in 2018 that we will have to scroll down to advance in time as if it were a chronological axis.

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In addition to showing us the playback statistics, it will also allow us to interact with the content through questions about our favorite artists or the number of hours we think we have been listening to music. To this is added the list of discoveries in the form of artists that we have reproduced this year, as well as songs and new genres (it may vary depending on the profile).

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Finally, Spotify Wrapped will show us a summary of all the aforementioned : favorite artists, favorite songs, most played genre and a sum of all the minutes we have spent listening to songs in 2018. At the end of the web, we can share all this content through the different social networks by clicking on the buttons that are shown to us. We can repeat this process as many times as we want, so do not hesitate and share it with your friends, family and acquaintances.