5 websites to look for bargains on holiday for Christmas

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Christmas is for spending time with the family. Okay, but Christmas has many days . Yes, we are going to spend the 24th and the 25th surrounded by our own , but ... and the rest of the time? If you have vacations and want to take advantage of them, living these days away from home can also be a fabulous experience. However, there is a problem that flies over December and part of January : expenses. We will have to buy many gifts, pay for the nougat and turkey and if this was not enough, in January we will have to climb the steep slope each year . Luckily, we have the Internet and countless bargains waiting for us. Today we want to recommend 5 websites to find offers and bargains for your Christmas holidays. Take a look and enjoy your days off for a very low cost.

travel offers

1. Travel Offers

If you want to make a more or less long trip and you want to hire it with a travel agency, Travel Offers is the option you need. Here you will find very interesting last minute offers, such as a New Year's Eve in Cuba (1,904 euros) to leave on December 27 or a circuit-getaway to Bulgaria for 8 days ( 830 euros). Also, if these offers do not convince you, you can take a look at the rest of the proposals included on the web. You can choose between cruises, the Caribbean, bridges and circuits and stay ahead of the news by subscribing to the newsletter.


2. Booking

It is one of our favorite pages when looking for accommodation offers. If you are already clear about your destination and are looking for a cheap hotel, all you have to do is access Booking and enter your trip information. Indicate a city and the dates of your stay: the system will offer you a complete list of all the hotels that are available. Then you can also filter by type of hotel where you would like to sleep, stars, price, distance from the center , and so on. The advantage of this system is that you can find very interesting last minute offers and special bargains for certain days. When you locate them, you can book directly from here . Most reservations can be canceled in advance.

catch it

3. Catch it

You may finally decide not to go on a trip. In return you can still enjoy it, if you sign up for some of the experiences you will find in Atrápalo . On this website you can also find bargains for travel, flights and hotels , but you also have the Findings section at your disposal . Here you will find offers for any city, so that whether you are traveling or staying at home, you will have access to countless discounted experiences : plays, musicals, massages, aromatherapy or Christmas experiences with children.

I'm looking for a bargain

4. I'm looking for a bargain

But if what you are looking for is a real bargain, you may have to take a look at the offers of I am looking for a bargain . It is a portal that only collects instant offers , so if you access its cover you can find things like three days and two nights in a 4-star hotel with dinner and spa in Andorra (70 euros), two days and one night in Boi Taí¼ll with snowmobiles, sledding and sauna (48 euros) or three days and two nights in a spa hotel in La Rioja (138 euros). Did you plan to make a cheap getaway? Well, here you will find countless bargains.

bargain vacation

5. Bargain Holidays

The last proposal we want to make is that of Bargain Vacations . It is a bargain site very similar to the previous one, with the difference that it includes a specific search engine to choose the days of your getaway and in return, receive all the offers that are available. If you go to the bottom of the page you will also have access to bargains for hotel stays and Christmas offers to enjoy these days for very little . You have Jerez, Fuengirola, Sallent de Gallego or Sierra Nevada  in four-star hotels and at a great price.

Have you already found your ideal destination for this Christmas? Tell us what bargain you found below in the comments!