Xtralife.es vs Game.es, comparison of prices and guarantees

Xtralife.es vs Game.es, comparison of prices and guarantees

Xtralife and Game are two of the most important video game stores today. To a large extent, they feed on their purchases through the web . Therefore, we are going to analyze both proposals to try to understand which one has the best price and guarantee policy.


Enter the Xtralife website we find a section of news, another of top sales, offers and another of downloads. In the news section we have seen games like the Bulletstorm Full Clip for Xbox One and PS4 for 65 euros . The Dark Souls III is for 55 euros on Xbox One and PS4, or 45 for PC. In all three cases it comes with a gift t-shirt.

xtralife web

In the offers, games of almost all brands with lower prices, generally because they are no longer novelty. The PS3 and Xbox 360 games in this section are usually around 10-15 euros . Those of PS4 and Xbox One, on the other hand, range between 20-30. An example, the Batman Arkham Knight, for 30 euros.

While the sale section exceeds 1,000 items, the sale section has only 120. This section shows us a series of more recent games with limited discounted prices . For example, FIFA 17 for PS3, for 45 euros. On PS4 and Xbox One, we find the Battlefield 1 for 34 euros, or the latest Need For Speed ​​for 20 euros.

Finally, we have the top sales section. There we find the Batman: A Telltale Series for PS3 and Xbox 360 (for 23 euros) and the Aliens infestation for Nintendo DS (for 15 euros) . It is curious that in this list we do not find much news, and the few that we find are those in the Sales section.

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At Xtralife you can pay with Visa, Mastercard, Paypal or La Caixa's easy transfer system . They show a certificate from the Thawte company as a guarantee that they are a reliable company in terms of the security of their payments.

To know the guarantee that Xtralife offers to its products, we have consulted its terms and conditions. Generally adhere to the legal minimum: 15 days for returns and 2 - year warranty . In a paragraph they specify that "Users must inform XtraLife of non-conformity of products within two months of becoming aware of them." This is a bit of a confusing rule, as there is no way to confirm when the user was aware of their problem.

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We now analyze Game. The chain is the queen of physical stores since it bought GameStop, but the competition in the web version is more difficult to avoid . Entering fully on your site, we note that its sections open to gaming computers, merchandising and even mobile phones and tablets.

The video game section includes all the major current consoles, apart from a section of merchandising offers and another of top sales. Among the merchandising offers we find Pikachu backpacks for 20 euros, Dishonored sweatshirts for 30 euros and R2D2 keyrings for 7 euros. Also board games like Monopoly Zelda edition for 35 euros appear in this section.

game games

As for the top sales, we find the FIFA 17 for 50 euros, the GTA V for 40 euros and the Horizon: Zero Dawn for 65 euros . All in their version of PS4. If we scroll down the page we find, a little hidden, a section on Price drops. There we will see, among others, that FIFA 17 that was on the best-seller list. There is also the Battlefield 1 for 40 euros or the Metal Gear V for 25 euros.


Game differs from Xtralife by exiting the sale of video games by selling phones and tablets. It also opens its spectrum by selling second-hand products. In its Pre-Owned section we find consoles, games, and once again smartphones and tablets. There we find a catalog where PS3 and Xbox 360 games have an average price of 10 euros . Those of 3DS stay close to 30 euros, and those of PS4 between 30 and 40 euros.

In general, the difference is not excessively large between first and second hand prices . It may not help that Game offers both prices for comparison on the same poster. Sometimes the difference is just 4-5 euros, which is very discouraging for those looking for bargains.

game second hand


Equivalent to Xtralife, Game also abides by the law and offers a 2-year warranty on its products, and 15 days to make returns . In addition, it offers a one-year warranty on products that are part of its pre-owned category.

In terms of payment methods, there are several options. On the one hand, bank card and Paypal. On the other, GiftCard or IUPay . Finally, cash on delivery can also be paid, which indirectly would allow payment in cash.


In terms of prices, there is no clear trend . By scrolling through both catalogs, we have found more expensive products in Xtralife (FIFA 17 on PS4, for 60 euros) than in Game (50 euros) and cases where the opposite has happened (Battlefield 1 costs 40 euros in Game and 34 euros in Xtralife).

Game has a pre-owned section that could make a difference, but then the prices are not so different that it generates a comparative advantage with Xtralife. A missed opportunity for Game to stand out .

On the other hand, the guarantees are equivalent for both products, although the payment methods are a little more complete in Game . In general, they are quite similar stores if we stick to the video game section, and there is no essential difference between the two.