Free cloud storage, who offers more?

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Cloud storage options today are extremely disparate. Services like iCloud, for example, offer only 5GB for free. Others like Google Drive raise this figure to 15 GB. Beyond these options, there is a whole range of services that offer free subscriptions. To put all these options in context we have compiled some of the most popular platforms, platforms that offer a much larger cloud space than Apple's iCloud and Google's Drive.

Google Drive: 15 GB free and added advantages in WhatsApp and Google Photos

Everyone knows that Google Drive offers 15 GB of free cloud storage. The advantages that this service adds over others are two. The first has to do with the possibility of storing WhatsApp backups on Android without taking up space. In other words, the space occupied by the copies does not interfere with the initial 15 GB .

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To this must be added the compatibility of the service with Google Photos. In this case, the service offers us unlimited storage if we set the quality of the images to High quality . Also the management of the contacts in the calendar is carried out completely independently from the base storage of Drive. In contrast, documents created through applications such as Sheets, Google Docs, or Slides will take up space in the cloud.

iCloud: 5 GB with very limited options

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Apple's proposal is the most limited in size and possibilities. The free space offered by the service is only 5 GB. If we have an iOS device, uploading photos from the camera roll will take up space , just like the files shared through the iCloud Drive application.

Outside of the Apple ecosystem, the truth is that the possibilities of the service are somewhat limited. There is no application for Android , although there is a version of iCloud Drive for Windows. If we want to access iCloud we will have to resort yes or yes to the web version of the platform. From this platform we can also access various Apple applications online, such as Keynote or Pages., with 50 GB free for all users

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Mega is probably one of the most complete alternatives to Google Drive and iCloud. The free subscription to this service offers no less than 50 GB in the cloud , although the platform is aimed at sharing large files.

Despite this, the mobile application has different options that allow us to synchronize the photos from the camera, the contacts in the calendar or the files downloaded to the phone. Also, the free subscription does not have any type of speed or bandwidth limit. Unfortunately we cannot download several files at the same time unless we hire a payment plan.

Yandex Disk, the Russian Google that gives you 10 GB

Yandex is the search engine par excellence in Russia. Rated by many as the 'Russian Google', it has a cloud storage service that provides us with up to 10 GB of free space. Its mobile application also has unlimited photo storage . It also has an editor for documents belonging to Microsoft's office suite, such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint. It also allows you to manage files of any nature and format. Videos, games, programs and so on.

Degoo Cloud, with 100 GB of free storage

Yes, you read that right, 100 GB. Degoo's proposal comes in the form of a mobile application, although we can also access the version for browsers. The free subscription allows us to upload any type of file from a single device simultaneously. That is, we will not be able to use the application to upload files from two mobiles . To download files, on the contrary, we can use two or more devices.

Regarding the mobile application, the platform has different options to upload photos from the gallery and large files. It is true that its operation leaves a lot to be desired at times , especially when uploading items that take up several gigabytes of space.

pCloud, 10 GB free with flag security

This service is advertised as one of the most secure platforms. It has a feature called iCloud Crypto that we can encrypt the content you climb through the application .

It offers 10 GB of free data, with a mobile application that allows you to synchronize different elements. In fact, it has a 'space-freeing' tool that transfers part of the content of the phone's internal storage to the platform. It also has the ability to create shared folders with other users , as well as backup copies of applications such as Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox or OneDrive.

5GB free on OneDrive with the Office 360 ​​benefit

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Microsoft's bet doesn't differ much from Apple's. Where the service is gaining popularity is in Office 360, the service platform that was born from OneDrive. Within this platform we find applications such as Word, PowerPoint or Excel .

The free subscription allows us to use all these services without any limit. Of course, we can only use them in their web version , no programs for Windows or Mac. Otherwise, OneDrive allows us to synchronize contacts and large files through its mobile application or through the web platform.

Box: 10 GB free with integrated file viewer

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The Box bet does not differ excessively from the rest of the bets. It offers 10 GB of free cloud space and different applications for mobile and web. Its greatest advantage is precisely in the presence of a file viewer.

From the application we can play videos in MP4, watch PowerPoint presentations or read a PDF document . It also has an integrated search engine that allows us to find words or phrases within the documents.

Mediafire gives away 50 GB if you use its application for Android

Does Mediafire sound familiar to you? The web that became popular for hosting copyrighted content nearly a decade ago has now converged into a cloud storage service. Its application for Android gives away up to 50 GB of space in the cloud for free , a space that can be used by any file that is hosted within the memory of the phone. The web version is limited to offering us 10 GB for free.

Like Mega, Mediafire allows you to create backup copies of videos and photos recorded with the phone's camera . It also allows you to upload documents, presentations and spreadsheets. Unfortunately, the performance of the mobile application leaves a lot to be desired. When uploading files, no type of progress bar is shown, something that is present in the web version.

Dropbox: 3 GB with the possibility of expansion through recommendations

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It was the pioneer in the cloud services industry. Paradoxically, it is the most limited today, with only 3 GB of free space . In fact, the application has focused on the storage of documents and images, although we can save files of all kinds.

Where the service shines compared to other bets is in its recommendation system. The free subscription will grant us an additional 500 MB for each user who signs up with our guest link up to a total of 16 GB. If we have a subscription to Dropbox Plus or Professional, the service will grant us 1 GB thanks to a maximum of 32 GB.

Amazon Drive: 5 GB free with paid add-ons

Yes, Amazon also has a cloud storage service. If we are Amazon customers, the company provides us with 5 GB of virtual space for free . Within these 5 GB we can handle any file at will. If we also have an Amazon Prime subscription, we will have unlimited photo storage through the Amazon service of the same name. To enjoy a greater amount of space (100 GB) we will have to resort yes or yes to the paid subscription, which is currently set at about 20 euros per year.

Regarding the mobile application, Amazon Drive has a file viewer that allows us to play content without having to depend on third-party applications . Videos, images, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, PDF documents ...

10 GB free with FlipDrive, the alternative to Box

A page very similar to Box, with additions that allow us to encrypt the information hosted in the cloud. Like the latter, FlipDrive offers us 10 GB of free space, with a size limit per file of 25 MB  and the possibility of synchronizing photos from the gallery, as well as contacts and bookmarks.

It also allows us to create shared folders with other users of the service. And yes, it has an application for Android, although its operation is somewhat deficient when it comes to uploading files from the mobile. On more than one occasion, the upload has generated some kind of error .

Unlimited storage? Telegram is your best ally

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In the 'Saved Messages' conversation we can transfer ourselves any file between different devices.

Telegram was born as a simple messaging service and today it comprises a whole network of channels and supergroups. One of the most useful functions of the application has to do with the ability to send files up to 1.5 GB in size in an unlimited way .

But the interesting thing about the application comes from the possibility of sending files to ourselves through the Telegram options. We can also create subfolders or channels to classify the content according to its nature. Documents, movies, photos, downloads ... The possibilities in this regard are without innumerable. The key is precisely not to exceed those 1.5 GB in size per file