20 funny memes and GIFs to celebrate Father's Day

20 funny memes and GIFs to celebrate Father's DayTomorrow is Father's Day, a good reason for all of us to have a nice detail with a person who put up with us throughout our childhood, adolescence and, why not, during part of our adult life. As a complement to the great gift that you are going to give her (because you will give her a gift, right?) We have for you a great selection of memes and GIFs for Father's Day, to make her day a little more special and fun.

Remember that to share these memes and GIFs it is best to open the special one, directly, from your mobile device. You can download both memes and GIFs by holding them down for a few seconds until the pop-up menu opens. Later, we will only have to enter the gallery of our mobile and, from here, share them with your father.

10 memes to share on Father's Day

Beware of confusion

Let's see if we clarify. Throughout the year we can find many occasions in which to send a meme. And on March 19 it's your father's turn, because it's his day. If you are one of those who is always with his head in the clouds , try sending him this. You sure make him smile.

father's day meme 01

Baffle him for the whole day

A joke-meme to make your father mad while he's at the office . "What do you mean by that?", "What have you discovered about me?" Don't be too cruel and tell him it's a joke ... Or not, it's in your hand.

fathers day meme 02

For the geek dad

Surely if your father is one of those geeks who celebrate May 4, they went to see the last of Star Wars in disguise and goes to all the conventions he can, this meme is going to make him very excited. And if he likes cats, then you've totally earned it.

fathers day meme 03

For the geek and horny dad

If in addition to Darth Vader you are a fan of memes that already smell a little musty, we have the impossible combo: Star Wars villain + Julio Iglesias . What can go wrong?

father's day meme 04

An old-fashioned father

You know that if your father doesn't have Facebook it doesn't matter if you use it to congratulate him, right?

fathers day meme 05

For the Simpsons lover

We hope your father does not have Homer as a role model in terms of fatherhood ...

fathers day meme 06

A cute meme to celebrate Father's Day

If you prefer to go down the path of tenderness , this meme is not even painted.

fathers day meme 07

Another cute and geek meme

We continue to delve into the path of freakism and the relationship between Darth Vader and his son Luke Skywalker goes a long way.

fathers day meme 08

Children who are stiff

Father's Day is approaching and it turns out that you don't have even a paltry detail. Who are you going to ask for the money for the gift? You could ask your mother , yes, but then the meme would stop being funny ...

fathers day meme 09

And to finish…

Who will pay the bill for the special dinner because it is Father's Day? Go warning him in advance because on the 19th, little money is left in your wallet ...

fathers day meme 10

10 GIFs to share on Father's Day

The diaper fight

Is it true that parents regularly change diapers ? Will they fall exhausted, as seen in the following GIF, after cleaning their baby? If that's the case, send him this GIF and you'll see how you can make him smile.

fathers day gif 01

The spiteful father

Please remember not to repeat this GIF at home, it is executed by professional actors… I hope it's true. A GIF that represents how a parent should not behave under any circumstances.

fathers day gif 02

A family choreography

Cool parents are those who do not hesitate to do whatever nonsense that comes to mind with their children ... and we are not talking, precisely, about throwing cushions at their heads, but about, for example, organizing absurd choreographies in front of the TV . Long live the clown parents!

fathers day gif 03

A different greeting

A GIF specially dedicated to all those children whose parents either did not take care of them too much or do not hold them in high regard. Because they are also important, and indispensable, on Father's Day. Like every day.

fathers day gif 04

One of the cutest GIFs we've found

If you remember that your father gave everything for you, that he is a true role model and you are proud of him, send him this GIF and wait for him to finish crying, because surely you have touched a nerve.

fathers day gif 05

For the more adventurous dads

Is your father one of those who does not hesitate to go rollerblading or skateboarding everywhere? Does he still listen to punk and wear checkered shirts? Does he miss the '90s so much that he still has a Nirvana poster in the studio?

fathers day gif 06

Babies who already aim high

A GIF in which a father demonstrates his baby's drinking skills . A GIF for those parents who can't help but do some 'curious' experiments with their children. But please don't try it with your child, it is quite possible that everything will go wrong.

fathers day gif 07

Children end up imitating their parents

Everyone knows that children are usually the living reflection of what their parents are. And if not, let them tell the little girl who stars in the following GIF… Like such a chip !

fathers day gif 08

A GIF for the geeks

Not only are the geek parents going to receive memes ... they also have the right to have their own Darth Vader GIF to show off in the office. As shown, this cute villain who throws up hearts and who is far from resembling his character in Star Wars. With flashing sign included ... not missing a detail!

20 funny memes and GIFs to celebrate Father's Day 1

The cheesiest GIF we've ever come across

If your father is one of those corny ones who cry at the first change with a romantic comedy, this is the most appropriate GIF of all the ones we have found. With this you will not fail, for sure.

fathers day gif 10