How to make your Motorola Moto G go faster

Moto G performance

Each and every generation of the Motorola Moto G has caused a great impact among consumers at the time of its launch. Not surprisingly, these are mid-range devices at a really affordable price. In addition, they arrive governed by Android and are usually one of the first devices to get the latest updates. If you are a user of one of these models, you may have noticed that with the passage of time your phone no longer works as well as the first day. It is not something that happens exclusively to Moto G, it usually happens to everyone. If you would like to increase its performance again, you don't have to change phones, try some of these things first.

Remove unnecessary widgets

If you are observing that your Moto G takes a long time to open applications, to access the settings, in short, it takes a long time to react, one of the reasons may be due to the number of widgets you have installed on the home screen. Even if you don't know it, some may be sending data continuously, which means that they could be lagging resources so that the system works smoothly . The only solution we can find is to get rid of all those widgets that you are not using and try to see how it works for you from that moment on.

Moto G performance

Update the apps

Do you have hundreds of applications without updating on Google Play ? This may be another reason why your Moto G is no longer what it used to be. Developers update applications precisely to improve performance when running on the device. In this way, if you manage to keep your apps up to date, you will notice that the phone performs much better. Get to work, look for a WiFi, and start updating all those applications that you have behind in the Play Store.

Clear the cache

In case you are unaware, there are two types of cache memory on your Moto G : that of apps and that of the operating system itself. Unfortunately, the application cache often stores too much information to make it work faster, which after a while becomes useless and often creates the opposite effect. We therefore recommend that you go to the device settings and enter the " Applications " section. Frequently clear the cache of those that you use frequently to improve the speed on your Moto G.

Free up some of the internal storage

For your Moto G to go fast, there is nothing better than getting rid of everything you do not use. Delete apps, music. videos ... Delete all the content that you no longer need to have saved in a single stroke. Think that the more things you store, the slower the device will go, since it has to consume more RAM and resources.

Control RAM

One of the factors that determine the speed of a phone is RAM. If your device does not have a large amount of RAM, as is the case with the Moto G 2013, note that only the basic applications make use of it. Go to the development options and choose "Process statistics". Here you will see the list of applications that you have installed and the amount of RAM they are consuming. If you see that there is one that consumes more than normal and is not one of those you use, proceed to eliminate it. You can also download special apps (system monitoring) that will help you better identify the ones that consume the most energy and memory.