How to disable the laptop touchpad when connecting a mouse

How to deactivate the laptop's touchpad when connecting a mouse

The touchpad is a peripheral that is included in all laptops, and that allows us to control the cursor without using a mouse. In this article we explain how you can deactivate your laptop's touchpad automatically when you connect a mouse, something very interesting to avoid typing errors and other problems.

The touchpad is a peripheral that helps about the use of laptops more comfortable, when we are traveling or away from our home. However, as much as this component has evolved in recent years, its user experience is still quite far from what can be obtained with a mouse .

A typical problem in all laptops is that the touchpad keeps working even if we connect a mouse. This can cause many problems, for example when we are writing a document, since it is quite easy for our hands to end up touching the touchpad surface by mistake.

Normally, the programs to manage the touchpad, allow it to be deactivated while we are typing with the keyboard, a very interesting function, but unfortunately it stops working when we have a mouse connected to the computer.

How to disable the touchpad automatically when using a mouse

Fortunately, we can configure Windows so that it deactivates the touchpad of our laptop, automatically the moment we connect a mouse to one of its USB ports.

To enable the function of deactivating the laptop's touchpad automatically when connecting a mouse, we need to access the Windows 10 configuration application. Once inside we go to the “ Devices ” section, and then we move to the “ Touch Panel ” section.

disable the laptop touchpad when connecting a mouse 1

Once inside, we can see the option to make the touchpad deactivate automatically when connecting a mouse. disable the laptop touchpad when connecting a mouse 2

If you don't think this is the case, it's probably because your laptop's touchpad driver already includes a feature to automatically disable it when you connect a mouse.

In these cases you must resort to the include application on your laptop to configure the touchpad, you should easily see an option to make it deactivate when you connect a mouse to your computer