How to hide photos on an iPhone 7


You may have some photos on your mobile that, for whatever reason, you would not like anyone to see. You may have slightly risque photos, photos of “nonsense for adults” that they send you on WhatsApp and you do not want our children to see, or any other type of photos that you simply would not like someone else to see. If you are going to review your gallery with another person, it is possible that you have some photos that, although you do not want to delete them, you would not like them to be seen by eyes outside yours. Luckily, if you are users of an iPhone with iOS 10 , there is a method to hide those images without having to delete them. And the best of all is that it is a tremendously simple method, without the need to install strange applications, simply having the operating system of our iPhone updated to iOS 10 . Let's see how to hide photos on an iPhone!

The first thing we will have to do is open the Photos application on the iPhone . Once open, we enter the reel and select the images that we want to hide. To do this, click on Select , located in the upper right part of the screen. Next we will mark the photographs.

hide photos iphone 1hide photos iphone 2

Once selected, we will click on the "Share" button . This is a box-shaped button with an arrow popping out, located at the bottom left of the screen. The different options to share the photos will appear, such as AirDrop if we have it activated, social networks, the Message application, Mail and, ultimately, the applications that we have configured. If you look closely, in this menu we will also have the option "Hide" . When clicking on this option, a message will appear that says "These photos will not be shown in the Moments, Collections and Years views, but they will be shown in albums . " We will click on "Hide x photos" .

hide photos iphone sharehide photos iphone hide

When you leave you will see that a new album called "Hidden" has been created , which does not show the photos on the cover, as if the other albums do. The photos will also have disappeared from the Photos option , where we have the photos classified by Moments, Collections and Years. However, as the system already warns us, they will appear in the albums option , both in the “All photos” album and in the new “Hidden” album .

Although it is a simple solution, it will not prevent hidden photos from being easily located, although it does provide a way that some photos are not seen when we are handling the iPhone. That is, it will not help us if we leave the mobile phone for the other person to review it. If we want to hide the photos completely, we will have to resort to third-party applications. One of the most popular is “Private Photo Vault” , a free application that allows us to hide some photos behind a PIN or an unlock pattern . The application even allows you to create protected albums from the application itself or send photos by email and wirelessly.