The most curious technologies that are being used in the clothes of the future

Future clothes

A great adventure is coming from the hand of the textile sector and technology. Two sectors so different a priori, such as technology and fashion, have joined forces in a multitude of investigations for the future. Clothing is no longer just a matter of aesthetics, now it will also be smart. By integrating sensors and microchips in our garments, the clothes of the future are becoming a reality .

Many everyday items have nothing to do with the traditional meaning they had. Some more obvious examples are in smart homes, with refrigerators, ovens, lights, vacuum cleaners, etc. These appliances and appliances have expanded their functions to interact directly with us, with the intention of offering us greater comfort and facilitating our day-to-day life. The textile sector was not going to be left behind, for that reason smart clothing is being developed. There are business projects that are exclusively in charge of carrying out these investigations, to break with the traditional idea that we have about fashion and clothing in general.

What is this textile revolution going to mean? What are the uses for the garments? How far will the innovations go? These are some of the issues that we are going to reveal, with these garments that are not only intended to cover our bodies , but go much further as they are also technological garments.

The most curious and innovative smart clothes

The shirts that do not stain

It seems like a dream right? Well, we already tell you that it is part of reality. In addition, it has been a Spanish company that has started this project. The company in question is Seppia, which has launched bio-ceramic liners , with a technology that repels liquids, regardless of whether they are sauces, coffee or wine. Although it seemed impossible, these dreaded stains are no longer a problem for these shirts.

The shirts being made with this technology, not only repel liquids and do not stain, but also allow those who wear them to feel better . This is because its particles make the blood flow better, favoring oxygenation. As a result, stress decreases and health improves. At present, men's polo shirts, t-shirts and shirts with this technology are on sale, and it is also intended to extend to children. As for women's clothing, nothing is known yet. The company has created many garments with this technology and each of them is priced differently. To give you an idea, one of their shirts can cost about 85 euros.

Control the music you listen to with this jacket

Google and Levi's are responsible for this initiative. In their collaboration, they have managed to create a smart jacket, which is an improved version of their smart denim jacket created in 2017.  It contains a Bluetooth receiver on its left cuff , so that the wearer of the jacket can control the music they listen to from there and other applications that you use every day. This receiver is small and comfortable, in addition the manufacturers ensure that the garment can be washed without problems. It is also used to answer calls and even to take a selfie from your terminal.

Another of its functions is called Always Together, what it does is send you an alert if you separate yourself from your smartphone while you are wearing the jacket . This is something that serves to avoid losses and misgivings. Its price ranges between 180 euros and 230 euros, depending on whether you want it standard or with a shearling lining to be warmer.

Constant warmth with this scarf

In this competition of the big brands to create the clothing of the future, technological and with devices that we all use in our day to day, Xiaomi could not miss. The Chinese giant has patented a bamboo fiber scarf that adapts perfectly to all types of collars, but the most surprising thing is that it has sensors and a heating system through infrared and integrated graphene heating. In this way, this complement that we all use to combat the cold, on this occasion is capable of maintaining a homogeneous and constant heat. Who wouldn't want something like this to tackle a cold winter day?

Xiaomi scarf

The price is not very high, you can buy this Xiaomi scarf for about 30 euros.

Socks to monitor your every step

For athletes and those who like to exercise by monitoring all their exercises, these smart socks have been created. The socks in question have been designed by the American brand Sensoria. Advanced technology sensors have been incorporated into them, including a device on the ankle that is used to collect information about speed, foot position, distance traveled and time. All this collected data can be seen through an app on your mobile. In addition, it sends you personalized advice based on the information provided by the socks.

Sensory socks

Sports bra that informs you about your health status

Women's underwear is also part of the clothing of the future, a good example of this is the bra from the Canadian brand OMbra. It is a perfect complement for any sportswoman . It incorporates sensors that measure the rhythm, respiration and heart rate. Through an app, all information about health status is received on the mobile while doing sports. And in any area it also serves to control and monitor these measurements.

OMbra bra

These are some examples of the clothes of the future. The garments that we have shown you are already on sale, and the best of all is that they are within the reach of most people. Technological clothing is going to be little by little more common in our lives, and it will also surprise us with new functions. Fashion also goes hand in hand with technology to adapt to our comfort, way of interacting, communicating and being informed about our health.

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