▷ Cinetux does not work: 9 alternatives to watch movies online in Spanish

cinetux alternatives not working

Cinetux.site, Cinetux.io, Cinetux.it… Once one of the best pages to watch movies online in Spanish, it has been forced to change its domain on many occasions. Today the web is blocked in most of the Spanish-speaking countries, and the truth is that Cinetux currently does not work and does not load in most routers of Spanish companies . The good news is that there are many alternatives to Cinetux to watch movies in Spanish, and this time we have made a compilation of several of them.


megadede alternative to pelispedia does not work

Who does not know Megadede. After the closure of Pordede and Plusdede, the popular series and movies website has returned in the form of badges with the same catalog as its predecessors. In fact, the page has the largest catalog in the entire network.

To access the web, yes, we will have to create a user account . We can also use the mobile application for Android, where access is possible without registration.


It is not a web page, but an Android application whose content is not only focused on movies, but also on series, TV shows and documentaries .

Like Megadede, its access is possible through prior registration, although the application has a "guest session" that allows us to enter without having to create an account.

Otherwise, the application has the same options as the rest of the alternatives to Cinetux: downloading files in MP4, viewing links without ads , creating lists of movies and series, and so on.


First it was Pordede, then Plusdede, later Megadede and now Ultradede. Although it may seem otherwise, it is not the natural successor of the latter, but rather an independent page whose interface resembles that of the rest of the pages with the same name.

Like its counterpart page, access to Ultradede is limited to accounts that have to be registered through an invitation code provided by the website itself. In the article that we just linked we explain how to get a code step by step.

As for the web catalog, it has nothing to envy Cinetux, although it is still far behind Megadede and Octostream .

Repelis Plus

repelis plus alternative to pelispedia does not work

Page that, like Cinetux, has been forced to change domain on many occasions. It is the direct rival of this, and as far as content is concerned, it has all kinds of films in its catalog. All in Spanish and with HD quality , as they are hosted on Openload.

Contrary to what its name indicates, it has series, feature films and television programs, in such a way that we will not need to resort to third-party pages.

It also has an Android application whose interface is very similar to that of Netflix and HBO . It does not require any registration, and has such interesting options as direct downloading of movies and series and the ability to view content without advertising.


Another alternative to Cinetux that has been forced to change its domain due to its blocking in many countries. Vidcorn is one of the longest-running online movie sites on the Internet, with a catalog comparable to that of the other options.

It also has series and television programs. To see the links, however, you have to go through a registration process where we will have to create a user account with which to access the web.

It is also recommended to be careful when clicking on certain links and buttons, since the web has quality advertising that is less questionable.


install kodi addons 0

We have already talked about Kodi on many occasions. The popular multimedia center in the form of an application for mobile phones, computers and even Raspberry Pi is a whole platform that allows you to watch any series, movie or television channel without a web page or intrusive advertising. In the article that we just linked we explain how to configure it step by step.

As for the Kodi catalog, since its content depends entirely on the sources that we add manually , it can be as large or larger than Cinetux's.


Although initially the web was oriented to offer movies, nowadays it is possible to find series and television programs through an interface very similar to that of Cinetux. Its catalog, in fact, is practically identical to that of the aforementioned alternative, with films in Spanish of all kinds.

Like Cinetux, it does not require registration to access the links on the web, although it is recommended to navigate carefully, since it has intrusive advertising and can lead to confusion with fake download buttons and garbage programs.

Popcorn Time

popcorn time alternative to pelispedia does not work

If we prefer to opt for applications instead of websites with dubious quality advertising, Popcorn Timese is a program very similar to Kodi that, unlike the latter, does not require the installation of third-party sources : the program is capable of downloading and broadcast the content directly to our mobile, television, tablet or computer.

Another of the great advantages of Popcorn Time compared to other alternatives to Cinetux is based on the quality of its content: being based on streaming via Torrent, movies and series are shown in Full HD .

Unfortunately, the website has an exclusive catalog in English. The good thing is that we can activate subtitles in Spanish and in the original version .


We come to the last alternative with DixMax, a platform that copies the philosophy of Megadede forcing all its users to access prior registration.

If we talk about its content, it does not differ much from the rest, although it is worth noting the presence of movies and series in Latin Spanish , as it is a website of Latin origin. It also has an application for Android with which we can access from the mobile, although this leaves a lot you want.