These are the most searched words in Google in 2016

Google search

The year is ending and it is time to summarize what happened. Different services are taking note of it and these days show us figures and data of the best or the most seen that has happened in these twelve months. Google could not miss the appointment. The Californian firm has just published a list with the most searched terms of this 2016 through its search engine, a faithful reflection of the concerns of thousands of people around the world. In the list we find the most searched events, personalities or words , both globally and in Spain .

All over the world we find that the most searched term has been Pokémon Go, an unprecedented phenomenon. In the world list also appear iPhone 7 or the current president of the United States Donald Trump. In our country, what has been most sought this year is closely related to sports. At the top of the national list would be the term “Rio 2016 Olympics” , followed by “Euro 2016”. A Spaniards also interested us the game Niantic and third place would be   positioned Pokémon Go. With regard to the most wanted personalities, Donald Trump would be found worldwideor Hillary Clinton. Curiously, the singer Céline Dion would be in the eighth position, perhaps due to everything that has happened on a personal level throughout this year.

Google search

In Spain we have Donald Trump in the first place on the list of most wanted personalities . Yes, it seems that we Spaniards are also interested in American politics. David Bowie would appear in position two , followed by La Veneno , and the singer Prince , who also died during 2016. But Google is not only a true reflection of how popular a person is, it also shows us who we have wanted to inform more about . Thus, in the athletes section, the podium has been taken by the pilot Luis Salom , whose tragic death shocked us all. They are followed by Mireia Belmonte and soccer legend Johan Cruyff.

google search

Google has also highlighted which have been the news that have most impacted this year in its search engine. Once again we find ourselves the protagonist of politics and sport. US Election or Olympics are the most searched words, followed by Brexit , another great event this year, or Orlando Shooting. Google has also provided data related to our aspirations or dreams through the search term "How To Be". According to the results of those in Mountain View, apparently what we want to have is people skills. And, among the two most popular results we find "how to be more charismatic" or"How to be a safe and confident person." Les follow "how to become marrow donors , " certainly solidarity always on the rise.

You can enter to see the complete lists of Spain and the lists of the terms that marked a global trend this year.