How S Beam works for the Samsung Galaxy S3

samsung galaxy s3 07

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was presented to the general public with a very high technical sheet. Apart from having interesting physical features like Exynos Quad 4 processor with four cores or a screen Super AMOLED 4.8 inch , the Samsung Galaxy S3 stands out greatly by integrating exciting new intelligent features that allow us to enjoy a voice assistant , for example, more powerful data transfer between devices or the transmission of content to larger screens, through different applications that make up and complete the Samsung universe. One of the most interesting applications, without a doubt, is S Beam . If you look closely, this is one of the most important options of the device, so most likely many users will choose the Samsung Galaxy S3 for functions like the one that we are going to tell you next. Why… how does S Beam work and what is it for ?

The S Beam application offers users the possibility to transfer content in an agile and fast way. As explained by the Samsung company itself , 1 GB files can be transferred at a fairly considerable speed, since in three minutes they can be at their destination. In this way, everything suggests that the smallest files (photos, documents, songs or even entire discs) can be sent to another device in just a few seconds. The great advantage of this system is that no cables are needed, so we can send them without connecting the device anywhere. Transfers are done wirelessly. For now, the only downside is that this system is incompatible with other phones, since S Beam only works on the Samsung Galaxy S3 . This means that we will not be able to cross files with other users who do not have this model in their pocket. At least for now.

Samsung Galaxy S Beam 01

It will be necessary to see if with the days, the company decides to extend these functionalities to other devices, even if they are old , through a system update. As you may already know, the S Beam application works through Wifi Direct technology , which allows much faster transfer rates than usual.

In any case, to solve the small incompatibility problem that we raised a moment ago, users can try to use the new NFC (Near Field Communication) technology , since the Samsung Galaxy S3 incorporates the famous chip that allows the transfer of files to the join the devices. In this case, it should not be forgotten that NFC technology is considerably slower than Wifi Direct , since it can be equated with the speed of transfers via Bluetooth .