A woman gets 20 boyfriends to give her an iPhone and buys a house


There are people who work great. And if not look at this girl. Her greatest achievement in life has been getting her boyfriends to give her an iPhone . And since she has had many boyfriends, then 20 iPhone that she has carried in her pocket  like someone who doesn't want the thing. And why does this girl want so many iPhones ? You ask. Well, very easy: to sell them and get extra money . And is that taking into account that the average price of the iPhone can range between 800 and 1,000 euros , the money has served to pay the entrance to a house. The story has been released in a local forum in  Tian Ya Yi Du,in which a user explained that a co-worker had gotten 20 men to give her an iPhone each . The reason why this would have been possible seems to have to do with the low ratio of girls that exist in China and with the fact that some men can go out of their way to get the woman they like. The demands of his beloved would have been clear. The girl was not satisfied with a bouquet of roses. An iPhone was the greatest of his illusions.

Well, the one that at first seemed like a super fan of Apple, did not really want the iPhone to make phone calls,  take photos or connect to the Internet. So much so, that once he had the 2 0 iPhones in his pocket, Xiaoli (whose identity would remain a secret for now) would have sold the phones at a mobile phone recycling facility. For the transaction, the girl would have received the amount of 120,000 Chinese yuan, which would be about 16,000 euros , which she would later have used to pay for a house entry. It is clear that this is not enough to buy an attic in the center of New York , but for the country house that the girl wanted. Xiaoli invited her friends and co-workers to the house opening and then told them how she had managed to gain access to her new home.


This same colleague has been in charge of counting other more succulent data. Like for example, that Xiaoli does not come from a rich family . That her mother is a homemaker and that her father is an immigrant worker. One of the girl's dreams, apparently, was to have a home of her own. And it seems that she has succeeded. For now we do not know if her former boyfriends have heard the news and will know what the capricious girlfriend really wanted a last generation phone signed by the company from the block for.

Some, who believe that the story is somewhat fanciful. In fact, they have the theory that it is an anecdote invented by a phone reseller named Hui Shou Bao , the same one who would have confirmed that he recently bought 20 iPhones from a single person who came to offer them . Be that as it may, the story has become more than popular in China and has been a trend on all local pages. The girl has not wanted to go public and has declined to do interviews, lest one of her ex dares to come back and ask for an explanation, or what is worse, the iPhone that she gave her at the time .