How to create an animated GIF with Photoshop

GIF photoshop cs5 01The animated GIF images are quite popular on the Internet, especially in webs of humor. They are a quick way to show us a moving image without having to upload a video, which are heavier and take longer to be available for viewing. Animated GIFs are made up of several still images that when reproduced give a sensation of movement when in reality there is not, all they have is a sequence of still photographs. This format is very light and that is why many websites turn to it instead of videos, so everything goes more fluid and the effect is almost the same. Making an animated GIF is very simple and there are several programs that allow it, this time we will explainhow to make a GIF with Photoshop CS5 in a few easy steps. GIF photoshop cs5 061) The first thing we need are the images we want to use. If the intention is to create an illusion of movement we will need a sequence of, for example, a person walking. Most cameras, including those of some mobiles, allow us to shoot several images in a row, in this way we capture the sequence of movement. We can also use changing drawings or simply various elements to make a banner for our website, it is not necessary to simulate a natural movement. GIF photoshop cs5 022) When we have the photographs we open Photoshop and load them in different layersof the same image, to do so we open the first one and drag the rest over it, one by one. The layers palette, located on the right side, should be as it appears in the image above. GIF photoshop cs5 033) The next thing is to open the Animation panel from the Window menu . In this area is where we have to place the different frames that will form our animation. By default, the first one appears with the image we have on the screen at that moment. GIF photoshop cs5 044) To go adding frames, you have to click on the New button (which has an icon of a sheet of paper) and modify the visibility of the layers so that it is as we want. We repeat this process until we have all the frames placed.5) Now you have to configure the animation, to see how it looks we can press the Play button . It is necessary to adjust the duration time of each frame from the drop-down at the bottom of each of them, from here we decide if they will all have the same duration or if they will be faster or slower. It is also important to select the “Infinite” option so that it loops and does not stop at the last frame. GIF photoshop cs5 056) Finally, you have to save the image , but be careful because you have to do it from the option "Save for web and devices" in the File menu. In this panel there are many options to edit, if we are not experts in the field, it is enough that we make sure to choose the GIF format and that the Transparency box is checked in the case that our image has transparent parts. This is the final result